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Aerowinx Video`s

Started by 18hazelwood, Fri, 6 Nov 2020 09:44


Hello everyone,

I have been asked many questions regarding my video clips, thanks for the feedback too from people that have made comments, it`s much appreciated.

Firstly, I personally dont think that my clips are that good compared to people who really take the time to polish there work etc.
I make them more for my own pleasure more than anyone elses to be fair and put them on my site so I will be able to look back In years from now and see what I achieved and what simulators looked like in that era. You can tell this with much older video clips on my YouTube site.
I really dont edit them, they all pretty much go up raw (shoot the clip and them post) so to speak.

Secondly, I am certainly no real pilot, lol, I have been playing with flight sims since 1998 and the Queen of the Sky is by far my favourite, but I like all aircraft ... its just my thing.
I dont ever profess to be an expert is the operation of an aircraft or a software aircraft so to speak, I just enjoy doing what I do with my flight sims.
(P3D, XP-11, PSX and now MSFS2020)

I am all for sharing with everyone what I use and how did I do things (if I can even work it out myself) etc, but the truth is I tinker with views and software settings to get the best results I can with the time I have that day.
Some thought goes into them, but not much to be fair, as I am not to bothered about making them look like a broadcasted documentary if that makes sense, its just me tinkering for my own pleasure.

The gear I use is nothing special.
(I only have 1 pc, everything is done on this pc)

I7 7700k Intel Processer
32GB Ram
RTX 2070
Multiple SSD Drive

55" TV and a "19 Monitor

Aerowinx Precision Simulator 10
OBS Studio software (feebee)
(Most Aerowinx clips are now done with MSFS2020)

Honeycomb Yoke
Thrustmaster TCA Stick
Microsoft 360 pc controller
Mouse and keyboard

Hope this help someone in this great PSX community.


I usually keep checking YouTube for PSX related videos. Can I ask what your YouTube's channel name??
747 is not an airplane, it is a symbol of inspiration....