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Posky 747-400 models for MSFS, PSX and WidePSX

Started by funkyhut, Sun, 1 Nov 2020 09:06

Takayoshi Sasano

I got many hints and suggestions, thank you all!

I could narrow the issue down to the different model, rendering a texture from the RR one perfectly worked. Now I'm trying to find what's wrong/different.
By typing this I realise I didn't give the PW model a shot - will do and report back again.




I should clarify.  This was happening without PSX being on at all.  I deleted everything from the LM Roaming directory and that seemed to help, except now every time it syncs up with PSX, the visual model disappears.  Weird stuff. 

I did a test with the PMDG 747 (no PSX running obviously), and P3D is fine.  It just doesn't like the Posky model at the moment.

This is P3D v5.3.

EDIT: So the plane is below the ground by some ways.  I need to go back and figure out what I'm going wrong.


Problem sorted.  Just having a bit of trouble with the external sim module. 

Takayoshi Sasano

Reporting back:
Seems I finally found the issue. It's *not* in the texture files created/exported, it's an additional texture missing for the GE/PW models.
Since they both are just black rectangles I copied the RR versions appropriately. The files in question:


Renaming/copying them to

already did the trick for the GE model.

Since now the paintkit provided by FAIB seems to work I'll have a tutorial ready next days.




Yup would be nice if someone can reup the 747 model