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Posky 747-400 models for MSFS, PSX and WidePSX

Started by funkyhut, Sun, 1 Nov 2020 09:06


I think we all understand that PSX is a standout amongst the desktop flight simulators available today and that Hardy has done an incredible job in both developing and maintaining PSX and it's community.

Over the years, as Hardy recently mentioned, there have been many many options and changes in what has been available as an "outside view" of the PSX world. And as users, most of us have chopped and changed, looking for the perfect solution.

Now MSFS 2020 has arrived and despite it's inevitable teething issues, offers a "real" view of the world we are all flying in. By connecting PSX to the MSFS 2020 world, we now have the very best of both worlds; flying in the world as it really is in a Boeing 747-400 as it really is.

The magic which allows this to happen is WidePSX ( which has now been refined to work seamlessly with MSFS 2020 (and Prepar3d) to give you that Window on the World.

However, what has been lacking till now in MSFS is a lightweight dummy 747-400 to offer the view and true interior and exterior eye candy immersion to those who like to enjoy both the cockpit fidelity of PSX and the excitement of seeing your airplane perform in the real world.

To that end and under the guidance and tutelage of Jean-philippe, author of WidePSX, we have worked together to develop a package of 747-400 models based on the Posky 747-400 models for FSX. The difference with this model is that the exterior of the airplane is a 747-400 but the cockpit is from the 747-8i in the default MSFS airplane. This achieves several benefits:

---The immersion value is incredible
---It is simple, using the MSFS standard controls, to customize the view exactly the way you want it
---It provides a lightweight model in terms of computing power demand and avoids almost all of the current MSFS bugs
---The radios, control surfaces, gear and lights all work

They are available in several liveries and in both passenger and freight versions. And each model comes with a very simple to configure forward view either with or without the cockpit! Yes, you read that correctly, EACH MODEL COMES WITH AN INTEGRATED AND SIMPLE TO CONFIGURE VIEW FORWARD WITH OR WITHOUT THE COCKPIT!!!!!

Building these models takes considerable time in setting up and testing so this first pack of 10 models is just a start! There will be many more to come over time. The plan is to release many more models of airlines from around the globe with livery variants amongst each company where they existed. This is the champagne!

Additionally, each model has views which can be simply customized to have a full 3D cockpit or a view with no cockpit.. And this is the caviar!

The Buffet is served at:
Air France F-GITH
Atlas Air N499MC
British Airways G-BNLM
British Airways "Landor" Livery
Cargolux New -8's Livery
Japan Airlines JA8081
Korean Air HL7487
Polar Air Cargo N450PA
Qantas VH-OEI
Virgin Atlantic G-VGAL
Cathay Pacific B-HKF
Thai Airways HS-TGZ

If you would like to download the first 10 models in one file you can do so here (1.8gb)

How To Guide
There is a complete How to guide here ( Please take time to read it because it sets out some important tips on getting the best out of these models. It also links to videos covering the How To Guide topics (

IMPORTANT: You must be running WidePSX version 2.5.5 or higher for this 747-400 Posky model to work properly.

Hopefully this will enable us all to spread the word that MSFS 2020 does in fact have the very best 747-400 simulation to be had anywhere! Let's spread the word and widen further the reach of PSX!

Greetings from the mountains of Northern Thailand (VTCC),
Chris Stanley.


Greetings from the mountains of Northern Thailand (VTCC),
Chris Stanley.


Amazing, thank you so much! Is there a way to permanently set the no cockpit view?


Yes. Set your view. Hit crtl left Alt and a number from 1-9 to save the view.
To recall the view hit Alt and the number.
Greetings from the mountains of Northern Thailand (VTCC),
Chris Stanley.



Looking at the part about the lights, It's just copied mine and changed only last seven decimal places.

Also, just deleted the my remark description of systems.cfg file.

the rest of them were just using what I made.

I thought JP's rebuild it completely, but this is really not.

I am very disappointed and sad about this.

Is this what started at zero?

Does really have any respect for me?

Best Regards,


Tércio Sampaio

Thank You!
The Polar Cargo have the wrong link from KAL.

Hardy Heinlin


can we clarify who has contributed to these files, and by how much work -- approximately?

Being a forum moderator trying to keep this community friendly and fair, I'm just asking whether this conflict can be resolved.

(I for one have no add-ons and no other simulators. I'm not familiar with the technical details.)

Best wishes,




Quote from: Hardy Heinlin on Sun,  1 Nov 2020 15:16
can we clarify who has contributed to these files, and by how much work -- approximately?

Of course Hardy. First of all please receive my deepest apologies for being an unwanted actor of this kind of childish debate on such a serious and interesting forum. I will try to stay the most calm possible and answer like a gentleman, which is not an easy task after what I read from Younghoon today and last week. I don't know Younghoon. As I previously said in the WidePSX tread, he came to me (not the reverse) by email the 21th of October to propose some help with the POSKY 747 conversion process a lot of people were working at with very encouraging results since a couple weeks.

Younghoon's contribution to this project has been for the model's lights file only and I publicly thanked him on the WidePSX tread last week, after he decided, very surprisingly, and following his OWN initiative, to end his contribution with the project. All the rest of the conversion process was already known by a lot of people (just look on internet there are a lot of treads especially in the MSFS forum). I renew my public thanks to Younghoon for his contribution.

Since he decided to end his contribution the project continued with the help of Chris (funkyhut). He was already very advanced in the conversion process as he had his own converted model working. There is not a thousand of solutions to make the lights to work and it is normal that the project's file looks like the Younghoon's one. If you know a recipe which uses 100g of flour to cook a good cake, why would you use 200 ?

However, please Younghoon don't overestimate your contribution. Since your decision, I worked more than 50 hours during last week, and Chris may have worked the same at his side. This model has a lot of features Younghoon even didn't dare to dream about, like many members of the community. You worked at only one file.

Who spent his last week's days and nights working at the integration of the -8 gorgeous MSFS 2020 cockpit in an aircraft designed in 2004 ? Do you have an idea about how many issues had to be solved to get this working ?

Who woke up at 5:00 AM all the last week's days because of the jet lag between France and Thaïland to work with Chris ?

Who built such a detailed PDF tutorial and spent so much time building those fantastic tutorial videos ?

Who built the package one aircraft at a time, and faced a HUGE amount of issues to integrate them in the MSFS' user interface broken by the last MSFS update, who made custom thumbnails one by one ?

And all this was for free for the community.

I can give an endless list of what this project members did without Younghoon. I feel betrayed and demotivated. This project is one of the most important improvement in the PSX Scenery Generation experience, providing an interior and exterior eye candy model, compatible with the most beautiful flight simulator. And all this will go to garbage because of someone's ego issues. Thanks for your contribution Younghoon !!!

I think about Chris at the moment and feel so sad all his huge work is getting spoilt by such a stupid ego debate.

Best regards,

Tércio Sampaio

Anyway, idk in details about what the lights contribute about that numbers was. But if for example I write a book about UK and says that london is the capital, i can't later start to say to all other books wrote after that they are copying that info without my authorization and i'm the owner of saying that London is the capital of UK.

Sorry this analogy, but manytimes when people are doing some addons for this flightsims and based on real aircraft, forget that the TRUE owners of the rights are MS (because create the format of the files and layout of them) and in this specific case, Boeing (that create and invent the real aircraft).
If i do an addon of aircraft X in a layout thats not mine later i can't claim for the data that i used because that data is not even mine also.
Another thing is the copyrights, millions of people like to claim about copyrights when in reality they have nothing or because it was not officially registered or because they forget the fair use situation that is also ruled by laws.

Tércio Sampaio

Quote from: Hardy Heinlin on Sun,  1 Nov 2020 15:16
(I for one have no add-ons and no other simulators. I'm not familiar with the technical details.)

Yes you have! You have in your OS the Calc thats a simulator of a real calculator :D


Great setup funkyhut, brilliant set of videos too ... you and JP have done a remarkable job ... Thank you so much.... 18Hazelwood.


Absolutely brilliant, I just watched the vids.

Please Jean-Philippe, don't be demotivated. I also changed the lights myself on my P3D Posky models ages ago. The idea that XYZ-Coordinates could be copyrighted or stolen is simply astounding to me!


Just one question to Funkyhut and JP...

Can the we get the wipers work on the dummy 747 ??

I am just being cheeky now :-)  .. as if you have both not done enough already for us simmers...

It is very much appreciated...of course.


Tércio Sampaio

About rights claim, as i mentioned before, all this is a nonsense situation were is a shame to be put on the table, also not even have legs to walk forward.

Thanks Chris and J-P for your amazing and gorgeous works!


This is great news! Can't wait to get home and try it out. Thanks very much for all your hard work JP and Chris! Community spirit always prevails  ;)



I have just spoken with J-p and we are of one accord on this. Nothing has been plagiarized here and thank you Berndo for your contribution on this. Our sentiment exactly.

J-p's and my collaboration had only one intent; to provide a free resource to the community which has given us so much. As a spin off, we hope that by providing this and WidePSX, that perhaps together, they might bring more people to the great PSX community. We will spread this work as far and wide as we can in the hope that this will happen.

We will continue to work this project and bring you more aircraft, perhaps with refined capabilities so 18hazelwood, maybe!

To Younghoon - I (we) tried to reach out to you offline but you ignored me. It would have been wonderful if you could have been part of our project.

Thank you and yes, the 747-400 lives on in all her glory and will do for many years to come.
Greetings from the mountains of Northern Thailand (VTCC),
Chris Stanley.

Tércio Sampaio

Hi Chris,
as mentioned above, can you please fix the link of Polar cargo?
Thank You!!!


Greetings from the mountains of Northern Thailand (VTCC),
Chris Stanley.

Tércio Sampaio

Thank You!!!

Your videos are very very good and helpful!