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Career assignment and checkrides in PSX?

Started by aldocannata, Mon, 22 Jun 2009 17:51


Dear Hardy,

could PSX include a "Career assignment" mode, like as in the old Sublogic ATP? In Career Assignment, you could perform a number of flight assignments in order. Moreover, you could undergo to periodic checkrides at the simulator, to demonstrate sufficient proficiency in specific manouvers (crosswind landings, EO take-off, V1 cut, and so on). The program should evaluate the performance of the pilot in terms of adherence to the SOPs, safety (eg zone and descending rate of touchdown; fuel remaining after landing)  and precision of flying. As the career assignment progresses, the pilot could be awarded by a score proportional to his proficiency.


Hardy Heinlin

Garry Richards

Quote from: Aldocould PSX include a "Career assignment" mode, like as in the old Sublogic ATP?
That is something that an addon could probably do. (No, I'm not volunteering.) :D


Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

I agree with Garry (twice). PSX is being built as a modular system, and what Hardy produces is the minimum module to convincingly simulate an operational 747-400 aircraft. The world around the aircraft is reduced to what the aircraft "feels", i.e. air mass and some weather effects, plus the legal minimum to operate the aircraft (runway environments). All the rest is delegated to external add-ons. These add-ons are quite easy to create, so we do have hope that many will appear.