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Does it snow?

Started by Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers, Fri, 17 Dec 2010 17:01

Pierre Theillere

Hi guys!

As you may know, we had quite some snow in Paris last december. Here's an impressive video of operations at Orly (LFPO, ORY) airport under the snow:
Sure Hoppie misses the snow, in Miami, theese days...

Pierre, LFPG
(no snow there, at that time, anyway)
Pierre, LFPG


What you got there in the movie fell here in 20 minutes... Our international airport hasn't closed for all I know even once in the last ten years. The last time the airport really suffered from snow accumulation, its access road system was blocked, requiring critical personnel be transported in military vehicles.
Regards, Zinger

Hardy Heinlin

Quote from: ZingerWhat you got there in the movie fell here in 20 minutes...

here = Northwest Pacific as written under your avatar?

Russian coast?




UHWW 190900Z 34002MPS 9999 SKC M13/M21 Q1020 NOSIG RMK QFE764/1019 7571//60
Regards, Zinger

Hardy Heinlin

Ah, Vladivostok :-)

Interesting, on my PSX map I see three NDBs at the airport, all three with 400 kHz. Do they switch them on and off according to the procedure currently in use? Some other Russian airports, too, obviously use multiple NDBs with the same frequency. I always wondered how they manage this.


радиотехническая система ближней навигации (RSBN) is commonly utilized as main navaid for descent, approach and landing guidance, I rarely use NDB here. Usually two NDB's per runway serve as middle and inner markers, but RSBN distance indication is highly accurate for the approach.
Regards, Zinger