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Copy of Precision Simulator

Started by JM1053139, Sun, 21 Jun 2009 18:59



I have been looking for a copy of Precision Simulator 744 at a reasonable price to no avail. I was wondering if anyone could help me find a copy or send me one. I'm a bit hard on cash (I'm a student) so I'm hoping to find one at a reasonable price.

Anyways, to give you some background, I've been using some more realistic add-ons for MSFS for quite a while, starting with the 767PIC for FS2000. Sometime last year, I found a thread about your 744 on a flight simulation forum (I can't seem to find it now). I bookmarked your link, but my computer broke, and I chose to buy a new one rather than buying and installing a new motherboard. I believe that you were still selling Precision Simulator at that time. At any rate, I had been thinking about MSFS and how much of a frame rate hog it is, and I ended up looking up several other simulators before ending up back here. One other featured an FMS and some realistic systems, but none were as close to what I was looking for as Precision Simulator.

I read that you are working on a new version of your simulator. I'm looking forward to it, and I hope that you can offer "student pricing" or something to help make it more affordable for those of us who wish to use it for personal or academic use, and not necessarily for professional training.

-Jon Monreal

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Just drop me a private email.


Quote from: Jeroen HoppenbrouwersJust drop me a private email.

I sent you an email through the forum system. I hope that's what you meant.
-Jon Monreal