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NEW: PSX_Wheramium, a moving map

Started by martin, Sat, 21 Mar 2020 16:32


Hello Josip,

In the meantime, I did my homework and had a look at the code again. I found some possible issue, but it is complicated and needs further investigation, which will take time. I tried an experimental "fix", but so far have only managed to break the application completely...  >:(
(And in any case, if that is really a problem, it's strange that no one has discovered it long ago.)

However: Perhaps there is a work-around:
Can you not simply run the Wheramium application on the same computer as PSX, so that localhost:10749 will work?

The feature of running it on another computer than PSX is really just a left-over from the ancestors of Wheramium (PSX_Earth and PSX_Tellurium) which still had a GUI, and that was of course not always convenient on the same computer as PSX.

But Wheramium is "invisible" (no separate GUI window), so it does not disturb the PSX window in any way.

And it should then still be possible to run the web browser (with the map, and with what is now the Wheramium GUI) on another computer, if the URL in the browser just points to the PSX machine, i.e.
  h ttp://123.456.78.90:10314/PSX_Wheramium.html instead of h ttp://localhost:10314/PSX_Wheramium.html

Hope this helps, as they say.



Hello again!

As it turns out, the IP address and port entries from the PSX_Wheramium.ini file were read all right, but were then ignored when making the connection to the computer with PSX... D'oh, as the ancient Greek poet Homer said.

The issue has now been fixed (or so I hope) in version 02.1 available here.
Only the JAR file needs to be replaced.

There are no other changes -- users who run PSX_Wheramium on the same computer as PSX anyway do thus not need this update at all.

Good Luck!

Martin "LocalHost" E.

Josip Gracin

Hi Martin, thanks!

In the meantime, I implemented a simple app that connects to the PSX main server and draws the airplane's position and heading on OpenStreetMap. It's here in Github:


Hello Josip,

Thanks! Very nice application, and easy on the resources.