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New Approach for Aircraft Add-on Documentation

Started by Zinger, Wed, 1 Dec 2010 09:35

Jeroen D

During my "active PS1" years I managed to scrounge together quite a nice set of 747 documentation. AOM's from various airlines, MEL's, various training documents, Honeywell documentations etc. etc. Some of these manuals were given to me (by various PS1-forum members), some I found on Ebay, some I bough at for instance the Luchtvaart Shop at Schiphol. Some I was given when visiting Cargolux during one of my real full Simulator rides.

In all those years I have only once bought a new 747 manual. Probably a collectors item, or at least rare by now; Precision Manuals used to produce a PS1 manual! It was a very, very condensed version of a sort of AOM. It was also the very first 747 manual I actually got to get going with PS1. I think the PM-Aerowinx cooperation was short lived.

When PSX becomes available I'll probably will want to update my documentation again. Took me years to collect my current set. Would be nice to think you could buy one set for a reasonable price. But as pointed out, that would probably come at a huge expense. Oh well, all part of the hobby I guess,

I haven't been looking actively recently for this sort of documentation, but I do have the distinct impression there seems to be less around. Maybe 9/11 related?


Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

... I got mine when a Lufthansa aircraft went into three-day B-check. Somebody smuggled the Bordexemplar binders out of the plane and to the nearest copy shop. Several teenagers were put to work with the promise of McDonalds in the end. When done, the binders went back to the plane ...

All way before 9/11 of course      :roll:


Is the PS13 binary APT format documented somewhere please?

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Pfff, probably not, but there is an AirportAdder program and from that I remember that the format is plain TurboPascal random file, i.e. a repetitive structure of Pascal variables. Reverse engineering is quite possible. Maybe Ivan has some memories of it, I understood the actual Adder code is gone. Too long ago, too many disk crashes and OS upgrades and new computers since then...

Possibly Hardy has a source code RECORD statement somewhere?