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Simfest Dispatch and BACARS V7.0.8

Started by Gary Oliver, Mon, 3 Feb 2020 19:44


Hi Andreij, thx for the clarification, yes it SE,STV instead of this what I wrote above...
Greetings !!

Gary Oliver


STV added as an option.





Hi Gary, I'm getting an error when adding a new flight plan. In the browser console window:

blazor.server.js:19 [2021-05-22T10:39:25.389Z] Error: There was an unhandled exception on the current circuit, so this circuit will be terminated. For more details turn on detailed exceptions by setting 'DetailedErrors: true' in 'appSettings.Development.json' or set 'CircuitOptions.DetailedErrors'.

The plan I tried to add is BAW 848 from OTHH - WMKK at 1410.

Gary Oliver


Try again that should work... was an issue with OTHH in the database.



Gary Oliver

V6.0.5 is now available at

A flight board is available for each user at<emailaddress>

For example


-Removed CDU Sim Menu Change for Real CDUs as caused issues with new EFB
-Reduced ACARS Report Submission time to 1 minute as we keep missing them
-Updated Flight Board Update to better match new layout
-ATIS Printouts now formatted correctly
-ATIS now reads VATSIM datafile properly
-ACARS Message Printing Format made more realistic
-Fixed Doors Time
-Flightboard now updates to GATE CLOSED on doors shutting

-Added Option to override PSX Time for MSFS Visual Generator :-

         Go to INIT/PRES FLT P2/2 and Enter the following in FLT TIME Box (will not override value in CDU)

             M1 - Minus 1 hour from PSX Time (changes as time passes)
          P2 - Plus 2 hours from PSX Time (changes as time passes)
          1230 - Set time to 1230Z (will not change)

-Added .ToUpper() on ACARS Messages to stop off spec messages breaking the CDU
-Reduced blanking time to try and stop real CDU hanging
-Fix URL encoding for emails with + signs in them

-Added Sim Menu Option for those running real CDU's with PSX.NET (Ask Gary for details)

-Many fixes for when running real CDU's with cockpit concept MCDU Board
-Fixes to screen blanking to use proper PSX spec rather than a bodge
-Minor UI fixes
-Fixes to ACARS Menu Ordering
-Defects menu removed as per final BA ACARS release
-Temp Box now 2 characters not 3
-Fixed issue with more than 99 tonnes of fuel causing issues on INIT/PRE FLT 2/2
-Added Doors Closing Times to INIT/PRES FLT

-Bug fix for TLS Issues preventing Weather from being obtained


Hi Gary, just tried Bacars v6.0.5 and everything seems to be working fine. Thanks for the update!



Hello, Gary,
Thanks for the great dispatch system. Is it possible for me to request adding China Airlines as one of the airlines option? IATA: CI, ICAO: CAL. Thanks in advanced!

Chi-cheng Liu



Thanks for the update ... V6.0.5 is working flawlessly here.

Is there any chance that you can add a tweak so that BACARS can take a fuel entry in LBS in excess of the total allowable amount it can parse in KGS? There are heathens amongst us who like to fly mixed fleets some of which still like to use lbs as the weight index?

The maximum number would never exceed 383000 unless somebody tried to fly an ER PAX in lbs.

Enjoy your WorldFlighting

Steve Bell
aka The CC

Gary Oliver


LBS fixed

Chi-cheng Liu,

CAL added, let me know if you want something other than the LIDO format on the plan.


Lots of pre world flight updates.

-Stop pages getting stuck in between FLT INIT and CREW
-BACARS remains active even after reloading situation
-Changes to stop BACARS disappearing with real CDU
-Now Tied into ACARS L AC CB
-Added Landing Report
-ATIS Formats all updated
-Added Landing score calculation
-Final Flight report now in BA Format.
-Changing BACARS page during INIT DATA REQ no longer causes strange things to happen.
-Added Prelim Loadsheet after entering FOB and clicking Y
-FLT INIT PRINT Report now accurate
-Fixed LBS FOB Entry
-Added Every Single BA Performance Correction Code
   04  3 mm – 6 mm (0.1 – 0.25 in) Standing Water – Full Power T/O
   05  7 mm – 10 mm (0.25 – 0.4 in) Standing Water – Full Power T/O
   06  11 mm – 13 mm (0.4 – 0.5 in) Standing Water – Full Power T/O
   07  3 mm – 6 mm (0.1 – 0.25 in) Slush – Full Power T/O
   08  7 mm – 10 mm (0.25 – 0.4 in) Slush – Full Power T/O
   09  11 mm – 13 mm (0.4 – 0.5 in) Slush – Full Power T/O
   10  Compacted Snow – Full Power T/O
   11  10 mm – 20 mm (0.4 – 0.8 in) Dry Snow – Full Power T/O
   12  21 mm – 30 mm (0.8 – 1.2 in) Dry Snow – Full Power T/O
   13  31 mm – 40 mm (1.2 – 1.6 in) Dry Snow – Full Power T/O
   14  41 mm – 50 mm (1.6 – 2.0 in) Dry Snow – Full Power T/O
   20  Braking Action Medium – Full Power T/O
   21  Braking Action Medium to Poor – Full Power T/O
   22  Braking Action Poor or Unreliable – Full Power T/O
   31 1 A/C Pack On
   36 FAM V Sys. Inop – Single Pack Operation
   40 Autospoilers Inop
   56 Full Power Take-Off
   61 Landing Gear Extended – Full Power T/O
   64 2 Brakes Inop – Deactivation Tool used
   65 2 Brakes Inop – Line Capped/Brake Removed
   66 Anti-Skid Inop – Full Power T/O
   67 Demand Hydraulic Pumps 1 or 4 Inoperative
   70  17 Percent Aft CG
   71  21 Percent Aft CG
   72 TO1 Thrust Rating
   73 TO2 Thrust Rating

-Updated Message formats when printing
-Print Prompt now changes when pushing print on uplinked message page
-Tidy up of message printing
-Stop PERF page randomly showing up on printing


Steve Bell
aka The CC


Hi Gary
I am updating the Guide to the latest release (will take some time still, because I want to take screenshots of the newest Outputs as well). One Question: Are the Correction Code 82 (IFE Antenna fitted) and 87 (WIFI Antenna fitted) still included?

@all BA Pilots: It would be interesting, if there are any other equpment related Performance Correction Codes available. 

Kind Regards

Gary Oliver


I only copied the first page of codes in the change log, I'll add the rest (80-99) when I get home.


Quote from: Gary Oliver on Tue,  2 Nov 2021 23:17
Chi-cheng Liu,

CAL added, let me know if you want something other than the LIDO format on the plan.

Thank you so much! Gary. If we can have the flightplan in CAL's format would be great. If it's too much trouble, I can stick with the LIDO one. Thank you!

Greg Hateley

Could I ask some help from thoes who have got V6.0.7 working.
Everything has "green" boxes except "winds" (Red)
Any ideas of what I have missed here.
At the moment we are still manually copy and pasting the upper winds into psx.



Hi Greg,
same here, I always copy the winds from Simbrief sheet into PSX.

Gary Oliver


The winds uplink only works for BA format flight plans it seems.

I promised the QFA team to take a look for them, so I will look for you guys too!



I know I'm missing something obvious, but where do I find the BACARS manual? Thanks!
Will /Chicago /USA


Quote from: Will on Sun, 20 Feb 2022 21:44
I know I'm missing something obvious, but where do I find the BACARS manual? Thanks!

Have you seen this huge guide ?

See from page 21.

Hope it help.