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NG FMC and More

Started by Hardy Heinlin, Mon, 3 Feb 2020 01:16



I have been working hard studying the functions of this great simulator after upgrading from PS1-3.  Today I upgraded to the NGC FMS.  I installed the license in the EXTRA Sub-Directory, but PSX does not seem to detect it in the check box on the instructor page.  Maybe I am just not set up correctly. Any hints on what would cause this would be helpful.

Regards, Charles


Quit PSX.

Make sure the license file is in Aerowinx/Extra/ and not unzipped.

Then start PSX and check the About/Quit page to see if the license is detected.

Does that help?
Will /Chicago /USA

Hardy Heinlin

Charles, does Will's tip help?

PSX only detects the license during sim start.
If you install it while PSX is running, you won't see any change until PSX is restarted.




To all,

Just an update.  Got it to install OK after carefully reading the NGC manual.  Page 1 had the clue where it reads "Download the file 'NextGenFmc.license' ". My file name had extra characters attached.

Thanks for your replies.  I read every post and try to keep up with all the topics presented.


Hardy Heinlin

Glad to hear.

Regarding these extra characters: Did you attach them yourself or were they attached by the retailer's download system? If it's the latter, do they provide instructions to remove these characters?

Thank you for purchasing the NG FMC.



I received it with my name attached. I notified the store that I had a problem and asked for a second download because of possible corruption and the requirement for the file being zipped. I fixed the file and notified the store what was wrong.  They immediately replied and said that they were about to to tell me what was causing the problem. So everything is good now. Your sales locations are responsive.

Thanks for your follow-up too.  Looking forward to get up to speed with PSX now.



Hello Hardy,

I've also purchased the NG FMC. It's a nice addon for the best sim I have. It is not cheap but you deserve it.
The quality of the sim and the addon are excellent! I hope you have more plans for the future.

Alex Aartsen

Hardy Heinlin

Hello Alex,

thank you!

Best wishes,



I purchased it but how do I install it

Hardy Heinlin

Here's the manual:

Page 3 and 4 describe the installation.

Does that description help?

Thank you,




I'm having issues getting the NG FMC installed properly into PSX... I've followed all of the steps stated in the Manual, and the NG Checkbox is green saying it is installed... however under the About tab in PSX it still says it is not installed properly

Wondering if anyone has any idea what is going on, would love some help, thanks :)

Caleb D Brown
Team Covey


looks like you put the zip file in the Aerowinx Extra folder, try extracting it?

Hardy Heinlin

Hello Caleb,

if you copied the license file while PSX was running, you need to restart PSX.

That light-green "[ ] NG FMC installed" thing is a checkbox, not a message.
When that checkbox is selected, the NG FMC is installed on the aircraft in the current scenario.
The indication on the About page tells you what licenses are detected.

Do not extract the license file!