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Yokes that work better (brain storm thread)

Started by Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers, Tue, 19 Mar 2019 08:24

Hardy Heinlin

Quote from: jtmuzix on Wed, 19 Feb 2020 23:47
Thank you, i'll check that out.  If the flight hardware isn't calibrated every time, is it normal for values to jump around when they're not touched?  It can't be, because I even have axis' that aren't configured jumping by .1 such as mixture and propeller on the throttle quadrant.  I'm going to do some trouble shooting but I may end up calling Redbird.

The only systems I know that stay at 0.0 when released are hall sensor systems. Regular potentiometers are never 100% stable. I have even seen jumping indications on the real 744 EICAS on the flight control indications during preflight checks; the controls are, of course, hydraulic mechanisms, but the surface position indication system for the avionics uses electrical RVDTs (rotary variable differential transformers).

Jason M Tutwiler

thank you, that makes me feel better.  I'm going to re calibrate everything. 
Jason M. Tutwiler

the mad hatter     Ian suggested that for those that are interested, for those that are serious about adding something like this to their sim let me know and we could do a group thing, if not I will carry on my merry way and go it alone   thoughts?


@ Bernard in Austin  :)
Whew... 10K... well... for all axes... ain't that much over the top, huh?

Unfortunately I am still too far away - need to be retired a little while longer til I know how to do up/down/left/right as somebody preached to me quite a while ago..  ;)

Perhaps if interested parties let themselves be known here, from a point on an estimate on the impact per party could be guessed?

Charles from Basel, Switzerland