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Author Topic: VRCDU4PSX addon: a VRInsight CDU2 Interface with PSX  (Read 1505 times)


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Hello Everyone,

I'm happy to share with the PSX community a free addon for people who own a VRinsight CDU2.
This addon allows you to Interface the VRinsight CDU Keyboard to PSX   

VRCDU4PSX addon is a JAVA based application with a pretty straightforward installation described in the PDF manual

I developed it very recently and there was no beta-test phase, it works perfectly with my CDU2, I hope you will enjoy it without having to troubleshoot much.

This addon is only polling KEYs pressed and transmit the command to the PSX server - it currently sends to the Left CDU

For the display part, you just have to connect the 2nd monitor (rotate 90degres) , and adjust window PSX CDU display into CDU hardware (same way as you did a couple of years ago with MS FS9 and FSX
I can try to help if you facing issue and I can answer your question you might have

This addon is being downloadable from Addon section (or will be very shortly)

I would like to thank Hardy for his support and his clear documentation about how to interface



Hardy Heinlin

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Re: VRCDU4PSX addon: a VRInsight CDU2 Interface with PSX
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 8 Nov 2018 18:10 »
Thanks again, Gilles.

I just uploaded your zip file here: http://aerowinx.com/downloads/VRCDU4PSX.zip

I'll also add a note on the "Add-ons" webpage ...