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*Update 15 Mar 22* PFPX Files & Aircraft Model Files for PSX NG FMC Upgrade

Started by G-CIVA, Thu, 26 Jul 2018 11:32

Hardy Heinlin

Hi Steve and all,

some of the forum members that use gmail will not receive mails from the Aerowinx forum as Google keeps blocking Aerowinx (without reason). They don't even reach their spam folder. Not always, but sometimes. As I maintain the forum system, I sometimes get system error messages regarding mails that could not be delivered by Aerowinx. Members that use the forum's mail form should note that the form is sent via Aerowinx (to hide the member's mail address). So mailing a member directly via a private mail program would be better (provided the address is known).

Best wishes,



Gmail blocks any email domain that does not have full security configuration using DKIM and SPF records. I cannot send emails to gmail users as my personal domain does not support these authentication methods.

Alex Boyd... Sydney, Australia


Quote from: G-CIVA on Thu, 26 Jul 2018 11:32Update 15 Mar 22 - Asiana Fleet NG FMC/Non NG FMC Fleet compatibility updated. Air Atlanta Icelandic Fleet Non NG FMC Fleet compatibility updated.

Air Atlanta Icelandic OFP Template, ABD Fleet Non NG FMC

AirBridgeCargo OFP Template, ABW B744F/ERF Fleet NG FMC

Asiana OFP Template, AAR B744/F Fleet NG FMC - HL7436, HL7616, HL7618, Non NG FMC - HL7413 - HL7428, HL7620

Atlas Air Cargo/Polar Air Cargo OFP Template, GTI/PAC B744/F Fleets NG FMC

British Airways CIRRUS OFP Template, Fuel Policy

Cargolux OFP Template, CLX B744F Fleet NG FMC

China Airlines OFP Template, CAL B744F Fleet NG FMC

Cathay Pacific Cargo OFP Template, CPA B744F/ERF Fleet & Fuel Policy NG FMC

Dubai Air Wing Fleet NG FMC

Kalitta Air OFP Template, CKS B744F Fleet NG FMC

KLM OFP Template, KLM B744F Fleet NG FMC

Korean Airlines OFP Template, KAL B744/F Fleet

Lufthansa OFP Template - Lufthansa B744 Fleet NG FMC

Longtail Aviation B744/F Fleet NG FMC

Martinair Cargo OFP Template, MPH B744F Fleet.

Singapore Airlines Cargo OFP Template, SIA B744F Fleet, SIA B744F Fuel Policy NG FMC

United Parcel Service OFP Template, UPS B744F Fleet NG FMC

United Airlines OFP Template (Sabre Re-Dispatch) UAL B744 Fleet

Qantas Airlines OFP Templates, Fleet & Fuel Policies

Virgin Atlantic Airways OFP Template

These templates are only really suitable for 4 engine aircraft & will not work correctly with twin engine aircraft.

Dear Steve,

Seemingly the email function of the forum doesn't work, and I cannot find the envelope symbol beneath the members' avatars.
Would be glad if I could also have the PFPX aircraft type files. My email address is as follows:

Mohammadreza Farhadi
Ex-pilot, current aerospace student


hello Steve, can i have the files pls?

thank you.



Steve Bell
aka The CC




Could you please send the files to

Edit: had to create new mail account due to spam.


Kevin Jay

Hello Steve,
May I also have the files?



hi Steve

for me also please

thanks a lot.

many thanks



Hi Steve,

Please could you send me a copy.

Kind Regards,



Hi Steve,

I only just got back into the Sim after a hiatus of nearly 6 years and came across your wonderful set of PFPX Profiles for various Airlines. Hence, I wonder if you could share the same via email, i.e. - ''. Would be most grateful to use these in my Sim.