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Nobody does it better.....

Started by farrokh747, Wed, 27 Jun 2018 18:24


I think this may be the best photo I've ever seen.......


1 Crore = 146,000.00 usd appx
1 Lakh  = 1,500.00     usd appx


"There's a sucker born every minute."
― P.T. Barnum


So many questions... why would NASA want a rice puller? Why the space suits? Egads....
Will /Chicago /USA


Also - What is a Rice Puller...?


Apparently there are 250 people born each minute.
Based purely on personal observation I would say the sucker percentage is about 5% of that.
(Of course in PT Barnum's day there were something like 30% less people around).
I wondered why mine didn't work...


Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

A Rice Puller is an imaginary object, usually metal, that has the magic property of attracting grains of rice off a plate or on a table (it does not yank rice off the field). It is completely useless, but thanks to its magic quality, it is used as a device to magically extract money from unsuspecting people that think they have an easy opportunity to get rich.

In many cases, the metal iridium is supposed to be a required ingredient in these Rice Pullers.

Since people are sometimes a bit thick, they then search the web for iridium-related companies, find the company that I work for, which produces avionics that work with the Iridium satellite constellation, fake an ID badge of said company, and present themselves as the official representative of the company to broker iridium-the-metal deals.

This goes well until somebody e-mails me and then we have a brilliant discussion.

QuoteSubject: [Ext]MR HANEEF A K Avionica

Respected Avionica  Team.,
My Name is Qadira Mohammed
Its an humble request to Avionica Leadership. Im  cheated by your represented person Mr.AK Haneef. He was acting like an irriduim cordinator / checker.for Avionica. Mr.A K Haneef  cheated us the INR 3 Lakhs. I request you to Kindly share his details on very immidiate basis. For legal actions in India photographs attached.He approched us a project and he shown his identification as an representative for Avionica. For  managing a Irriduim scannner machine he demanded 300000 INR and he flown away.His Mobile  Number   India +919514211578
Once again Request you to kindly identified this person and share his details to me.
Hope you understand the issue. Waiting for your kind reply
Qadura Mohammed

The Compliance and Legal folks in India said that even a previous email with "police" documentation was poorly done.

It is an ongoing nuisance for a few years now. No joke.

Sent: Sunday, June 9, 03:34
Subject: [Ext]For your kind Attn.
To: Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Dear Sir,

This is to notify that Mr. A. K Haneef is act like an appraiser( officer)valuer  for testing Iridium in India.He Carry an ID card and Authorisation letter for Avionica Inc .and he made believe us he paid 28,00,000  INR as a movement charges to Avionica for the current  program. and collected 2800000 INR from us as per the movement letter which is attached to this mail .
Kindly clarify whether this person  is representing   Avionica.The program  was conducted in Perindurai Tamilnadu India  .His company identification  and movement letter are attached  with this mail  .Request you to kindly  confirm the same on immediate basis.This is not for taking any legal actions against the reputed firm but just inform that there are many people got traped and we dont want this situation happen in future.
Awaiting your response
Thx & Regards
Shibin Gopalakrishnan
+91 8157002899



Fascinating, Hoppie. I love how your story starts with fake rice pullers, circles through satellite constellations, and ends up with fake ID cards for your company. Go figure.
Will /Chicago /USA



so - here's one more.....

i cant find any photos for this unfortunately...

QuoteThe conman told her he needed money to return to Earth and marry her. He claimed a landing fee had to be paid for the rocket which could fly him to Japan, the report stated.



I'm selling some lovely Oceanfront property in Arizona... taking deposits... hurry!

Carl Avari-Cooper, KTPA

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

You mean you sell futures in oceanfront properties   :-D


Jeroen- EXACTLY :)

Farrokh- Sala Lucchas! :)

Carl Avari-Cooper, KTPA