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Airports famous for their bad weather?

Started by Hardy Heinlin, Mon, 13 Sep 2010 02:10

Hardy Heinlin

Any tips?

In the past months I noticed that I can always rely on Delhi Indira Gandhi; there was no single CAVOK day or night, always low clouds and low visibility. I like that :-)



Will /Chicago /USA

Hardy Heinlin

Oh, McMurdo, nice. Long time ago, I think in 1993, I made a McMurdo scenery for FS4, which was later converted for ATP. I went to the local library and searched for photos. No Internet at that time.


aldo cannata

Not properly bad weather, may be...
San Jose Intl Airport (KSJC), Costa Rica, is well known for strong and gusty crosswinds.
The 737 checkride manual from Mike Ray refers to it into a paragraph about crosswind limitations.


James Lacey

767s are the biggest aircraft operating out of Wellington NZ but it is renowned for being very gusty.

Current METAR: NZWN    140600Z 35027G42KT 9999 -SHRA FEW014 SCT023 13/10 Q0998 WS R34 TEMPO 6000 SHRA BKN014


Just wondering if SIN Changi qualifies for this topic...

The torrential rain almost everyday accompany by thunderstorm and lightning makes me believe it shall fall under this said category?

This downpour or storm usually arrives at just before sunrise, or late afternoon.

Not that I reside at SIN, just that a few times visiting the country, always get caught with almost CATIII landing condition.  I also like to check out a few airports' realtime WX condition, and notice that SIN always get a horrendous condition without fail.

Other airport which I can think of is Sapporro.  Never been there, but by judging its locatoin, I'd say it is not far from Wellington's condition if not equal?

Comments / Opinions?
OK....I am ok, if you are ok...!!

Jeroen D

Allow me to rant and rave a little bit:

Well, I don't know if it's weather, but I suggest everybody avoids Chicago O'hara like the proverbial plague!!

No matter what, there are always delays. Most of it is because of weather either at Chicago or the destinations they fly to. Let me give you a few examples I've encountered in the last 12 months at Chicago:

Ladies and gentlemen, please may I have your attention. Flight xxx to yyyy schedule at zzz will be delayed untill zz because of:
- weather conditions at O'hara.
- weather condition at destinations
- we're missing a pilot
- we're missing a captain
- we're missing a flight attendant
- due to technical reasons
- inbound airplane is late
- it's raining and the union won't allow us to work in rain
- we're all incompetent idiots here at o'hara
- we don't care about customers

You name it and I've heard it, being delayed at O'hara. It is the most pathetic excuse for an (international) airport if I ever head one!! I'd like to think of myself as a reasonable man. However, going through O'hara raises my blood pressure to very unhealthy levels. In all honesty, I don't think there is a single flight that leaves on time. Most often the excuse is weather. But any excuse will do for them as far as I'm concerned.

It is truly apaling!



Hey Hardy...

Do consider all of the above excuses given out by Jeroen...for added realism...I can imagine that yr PS X will somehow involve the Union for not allowing us for push back...with real audio announcement...

Perhaps you can add those excuses into a "special event" box, whereby these events are UNFORSEEN....with percentage of probability to happen..just like the weather boxes in the PS 1.3?

 :mrgreen:  :lol:  :mrgreen:  :lol:  :mrgreen:
OK....I am ok, if you are ok...!!

Hardy Heinlin

Thanks, guys, I'll watch Changi and O'Hare ... At Wellington I encountered some windshears already -- and the runway is short.



Chicago resident here... most days, Chicago weather is fine.  We get the usual storms and blizzards, but it's not a particularly bad climate.  O'Hare has traffic delays, yes indeed.  I fly out of Midway.
Will /Chicago /USA


Hi Guys,
            Interested in your comments re Wellington airport.  With the wind and close proximity of hills it can be a pig of a place to fly into, as I discovered years ago when piloting a Mooney in there. I experienced the worsted turbulence ever and then had to go around due to a Bristol Freighter breaking down on the runway ahead of me.

However as Hardy says it is a very short runway and in fact no scheduled 747,s have ever flown in  there, except for one going in there as an alternate when NZAA and NZCH were out of action due to weather!

However I would not like it removed from PSX as it is an interesting exercise to fly in there.


John Golin

John Golin.

John H Watson

Wellington is definitely on my list of places not to land.... especially in 50kt winds.

A good place to practise go-arounds/diversions


Yes, Wellington has a reputation for being windy!! I was there over 20 years ago and instead of flying out of the airport my friends and I hired a sea (float)  plane. To get to the bay where it was to land we had to find the bay first! Luckily in our taxi we spotted our plane and asked the driver to follow that plane! The driver was gobsmacked I think.

And the flight to Picton South Island was brilliant, landing in the harbour, much better than the slow steamer.

Another interesting airport is YMHB circa 2200 metres.  (Hobart - Tasmania), and weather can be very cold and windy, I know from an October visit I have flown there several times in real life but not in a 747-400. But have flown in and out with the simulator we all still raving about. Mind you even as an novice pilot I didn't land at the nearby "small" airport of Cambridge.

Might be fun as almost raining here today to work a flight Melbourne to Auckland with alternates Hobart and windy Wellington.

Hardy Heinlin

Narsarsuaq, Greenland:

BGBW 202120Z AUTO 08057G70KT 9999NDV -RA BKN120/// 08/M07 Q1003

60 knots headwind and 1° runway slope uphill ...

... who needs brakes :-)



SCCI , Punta Arenas Chile...LOT of winds down there !

I remember very well a quite sportly landing there....the plane landed on his left gear and after a couple of seconds and a big BANG the right gear touched the runway as well....and then full brake !!

Hardy Heinlin

Bingo. I just got my first predictive windshear warning of a windshear that I didn't program myself but that was injected into PSX from the real world just now:

VHHH 060430Z 14014KT 9999 FEW010 SCT018 26/22 Q1009 WS R25L NOSIG

I just wanted to start the take-off roll, but that friendly electronic gentleman in the box warned me. Nice surprise :-)


Edit: A few minutes later another METAR was injected without WS (windshear), I took off, flew a round and landed again. Shortly after landing another new METAR was injected, this time again with WS. What a slot. Good luck.


Sometimes I wonder, if I want to know these things - as they make me miss something...

Hardy Heinlin

You mean you don't want to know that you'll get a windshear? Yes, it's sort of boring. Luckily, the PWS is on the malfunction menu :-)

(Or pull the weather radar CBs ... or etc.)


You're being ironic? I meant I drool over the little details. I hang out with several FSX aircraft, trying to find my way. And everytime I hit them limitations. I am looking for the complete package. The more you describe PSX, the higher my craving :-)