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Released: PSX.NET Dispatch Suite Updated V2.1.0

Started by Gary Oliver, Wed, 27 Dec 2017 23:19

Gary Oliver


PSX.NET Dispatch is an 'ecosystem' for planning and dispatching of flights with PSX.  No payware flight planning software is required and flights can be planned and flown realistically with minimal effort.

What Is PSX.Net.Dispatch?

PSX.NET.Dispatch is a free web based scheduling and flight planning system that integrates with Simbrief, BACARS and PSX.NET to provide one stop shop for planning and scheduling and dispatching your PSX flights.
Once you have decided on a schedule you can plan your flight with a single click.

The web based interface has the following features:-

•   Schedule management
•   Single Click Flight Planning
•   Live Weather
•   Flight Plan PDF including NOTAMS and OPDEF in a variety of formats.
•   Accurate Loadsheet in BA format.
•   Web based CARD performance calculations.
•   VATSIM PreFile Support

Once you enter the PSX cockpit, upon entering the flight numbers in the ACARS menu the following items are automatically 'downlinked' to PSX with no manual intervention:-

•   FMC Route File to allow datalink route requests
•   FMC Wind Uplink integration
•   Winds PLN file for FS Global Weather or Active Sky integration
•   ZFW set according to loadsheet
•   MACTOW set according to loadsheet
•   Prefuel Set
•   Wind Corridor

There is of course an advanced planning option to allow you to specify your own route, alternates and weights.

When paired with the BACARS subsystem randomisation of payload and final loadsheets are of course provided after pushback.  The number of pax is also uploaded to BACARS to vary the cabin ready times.

Download and Links

•   Download BACARS V4.0.5 Here
•   Download and read the Manual Here
•   Register an Account at


I thought a little video explaining it might help... (Sorry about the horrible watermark)

Step 1 - Planning -
Step 2 - Onboard -

A massive thanks to Derek from Simbrief for his help in making this happen.



Amazing stuff Gary. Thanks very much for putting this together mate!



Gobsmacked, as always, Gary!

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Looks too much like real pilot life.

Shut up. Load this. Fly there. Shut up I said!



Phil Bunch

Amazing software!

However, aviation is much too complex.  What we really need is:  (1) "Siri, land the plane, please" and (2) "Siri, dispatch the plane, please", and "Siri, take off, please".

<insert friendly grins here>.

Siri would definitively fix the alleged commercial pilot shortage - who needs the FMC or BACARS?:
"The U.S. will face a staggering shortage of pilots"

<insert more friendly grins here>

Best wishes,

Phil Bunch


Hi Gary,
Yes it's really great news !, I'm impatient to try this soon.
Thank you for sharing to us !


 :D ;D 8)

wow i wish i could have your ideas and skill! Will users be hosting the site themsleves or will you be hosting it?

Gary Oliver

Quote from: GodAtum on Thu, 28 Dec 2017 11:55
:D ;D 8)

wow i wish i could have your ideas and skill! Will users be hosting the site themsleves or will you be hosting it?

It's all hosted in my AWS farm so you just need to go to the website and register an account when it's live.



Amazing, AWS could end up quite costly, thank you for hosting this.


One more gem from the team..... ! thanks gary.....


Chris Kilroy

Just when one thinks it can't get any better, it gets better. Thanks Gary! Can't wait to try it!



Wow, very cool! Can't wait.


Unbelievable stuff Gary! Will be sure to donate to your cause during your next stream!



Im guessing BACARS v4 is still to be released?

Gary Oliver


I think we have managed to eliminate all the bugs.

I just need to finish off the manual, which really isn't one of my favorite things in the world to do :-)

Bare with me.



Very much looking forwards to this. Thanks Gary!

Gary Oliver


Following extensive beta testing over the past few weeks by Britjet, Some BAV members and the Simfest Crew I have decided to release PSX.NET Dispatch to the community.

I have written a manual and hopefully it all makes sense.  Any questions just ask here.

See the first post in this thread for the download link.

Good luck!