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Released: PSX.NET Dispatch Suite Updated V2.1.0

Started by Gary Oliver, Wed, 27 Dec 2017 23:19


Should work. You can select a cycle to unlock and set active in simbrief, and this will be kept until you update with a later cycle and set that one active in Simbrief. But even if you set a later cycle active, you can still temporarily revert to an older one, and Simbrief will use that.

So in my case, I can select 1703 or 1803 for use in PSX, but also other cycles (older or newer) for use in other flightsim addons.

There's only one catch: If you forget to unlock a cylce as long as it's the current one (e.g. 1803 for now), you can't unlock and use it for Simbrief later. So e.g. I never unlocked 1802 in Simbrief, and so I'm not able to unlock or use that cycle anymore.


Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Notice that PSX has been built so that flight plans/routes generated for other NAV cycles than its own will just work. Route loads will contain absolute coordinates for fixes and navaids on top of their names, so that you can fly with whatever you generated no matter the FMS database you have. It won't work 100% all the time but quite well most of the time.



Quote from: Gary Oliver on Sun, 28 Jan 2018 07:48

Ah! Well spotted, this is some old code so I will take a look.


I have set the flight plan layout based on airline code.  Have I got one of them wrong or would you like an override option in the preferences?

Quote from: Gary Oliver on Sun, 28 Jan 2018 13:36
kwieser76,  What was the answer to the question? :-)
Quote from: kwieser76 on Sun, 28 Jan 2018 08:40

sorry for the late reply
I want an override function


Product Owner Lido/Flight ASC
Lufthansa Systems (LIDO)


Any plans for a Mac version of BACARS?
Will /Chicago /USA


Hi Gary, when I do a perf req, it changes the ZFW value. I think someone else raised this bug before?

James H

Hi Gary,

I just performed my first flight from YMML-YSSY using this amazing suite.

The integration between SimBrief, BACARS (which I incidentally also love using), and PSX is absolutely astounding. You and the development team aught to be very proud :)

Thank you so much for your dedication to providing add-ons that contribute to more realistic and immersive experience for the PSX community!

Best wishes,


Gary Oliver


Thanks for the Kind Words.


What exactly do you mean?  Step by Step guide to reproduce the 'problem' please?

James H

Hi Garry,

I have also had this issue. I'll try to reproduce it to confirm, but the order as it first occurred to me was:

1) Using BACARS on the FLT INIT page, I put in the FLT NO and then select INIT DATA REQ. The data then downloads.
2) Checking the PSX Aerodynamics tab, the ZFW agrees with what is in the Simfest loadsheet and OFP (in my case ZFW 233.6).
3) Using BACARS on the PERF REQ page, I set up and sent off all the required data based on the data in the Simfest loadsheet.
4) I then Input the required data into the FMC PERF INIT and THRUST LIM page.
5) Using BACARS on the WT/BALANCE page, I select WT/BAL REQ, and then SEND.
6) The BACARS loadsheet then gave me a different ZFW (in my case 194.2). I also got a FMC warning of "TAKEOFF SPEEDS DELETED."
7) When I checked the PERF INIT page and the PSX Aerodynamics tab, the ZFW had changed to 194.2.

I'm not 100 % on the proper order a professional crew would setup ACARS and the FMC, so maybe I'm doing things in an order that the system wasn't designed for. I'll put on my Deerstalker and grab a magnifying glass next time I fly and try and give you every detail.


Gary Oliver


Yes don't use the WT/bal Request page at the moment, it has a bug and shouldn't even do any of this.

I'll fix it in the later versions, however peter said it doesn't actually appear to do anything in real life.



As far as I know (and this was a rumor) it's only function in BA was to bring on an attention getter of some sort in the Heathrow Load Control unit to say "hurry up - we are holding at the end of the runway with 8 aircraft behind us and no-one can move until we get the final loadsheet etc".
Of course this didn't happen very frequently ;-)
I used to push it nevertheless because it made me feel better...
I don't know the dynamics of this, or even if it worked at all. It may be more advanced now - but it didn't deliver a new loadsheet automatically, that's for sure..

Gary Oliver

A bit like the 'close doors' button in an elevator then?

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Quote from: Britjet on Thu, 26 Apr 2018 19:05
"hurry up - we are holding at the end of the runway with 8 aircraft behind us and no-one can move until we get the final loadsheet etc".
Yeah yeah been there done that ... except that it wasn't 8 behind me but one out on long final after oceanic to our island runway ... and we had backtracked ...

Crew looking at ACARS... then at me... Me looking at the mountain range due West, 3000 ft... Iridium tracker showing satellite due West, 15 deg above horizon... clock... tick tick tick tick tick tick tick... nerve wrecking!


Gary Oliver


Turns out I already fixed the problems above in V4.0.5 which has been installed in my simulator for a few months!  Link below!

-Fixed bug with PSX ZFW varying wildly after start
-Final Loadsheet MACTOW now correct even if using an uplink of crew data
-Fixed no loadsheet if FOB not entered on ACARS Page
-FOB Figure now overrides Prefuel value so you can add to flightplan fuel and then prefuel it pressing 'ready to board'

James H

Outstanding Gary! Thanks a lot for the update.

I will also continue to resist the urge to push the "BA ops subtle hint" WT/BAL REQ button until further notice ;D.


Gary Oliver

There have been several updates to PSX.NET.Dispatch over the last few months.  V2.0.4 is now out....


Added iPad icon to briefing pack to open multiple tabs of loadsheet and OFP automatically.
Updated preferences to remove maps option as this is now used in many areas of the system so cannot be disabled


Updated to Add Jet2 for Team JetSim

Resolved issues with Fuel Averages not being calculated properly if decimal place is missing
Added Option to Add World Flight Schedule
Cosmetic Changes to Schedule
Added Map to Briefing List

Supports B738,B788,B772,B773 and upinks to Sim-Avionics
Renamed Simfest Dispatch Centre

Another Attempt at a menu bar that fits
Sim-Avionics Integration Started

Menu Bar Adjusted to Fit on an iPad correctly
Flight Plan Remarks Added to Settings Menu for VATSIM Prefile
VATSIM Prefile now ticks the heavy box

VATSIM Prefile now files the correct alternate rather than the destination airport
Added Preferences to allow choosing of Map format and whether to display NOTAMs to shorten flightplan
More Validation on Crew Names
Corrected UI issues on Schedule Page
Page will no longer crash if Departure or Destination airport are not found

Removes Airline codes from the flight number field, whilst still allowing letters in the flight number.
More validation to the flight crew times added.
Added Singapore,Air New Zealand, Air India and Air France to the Airline options list.
Fixed issue with invalid alternates at WSSS
Added Link to view previous flight information

Default Cont fuel is now 3% (source BA pilots), still overrideable in Preferences
Edit and Delete Icons disappear when in Edit Mode
If Departure or Destination Airport Name not found then this is stated in the name box (used for Flight Board)
Flight Number Truncated to 4 characters in line with whats accepted by the CDU
Added Validation checking on report times
Cont and Reserve times set in preferences now apply to flight plans that are generated.
More options added to Cont and Reserve drop down in preferences
ATC Callsign moved to end of new flight window to make tabbing through easier
ATC callsign actually saves when entering it on a new flight.
Online Card Link now loads the runway without having to click around to get it to display.

Loadsheet now complete
Loadsheet download button now works
Briefing Button corrected to show the correct wording.
Tidy up of Schedule Page to make it more user friendly
Headers added to all pages
CARD Online now automatically fills in weather information from the latest METAR
CARD Online now has a runway dropdown so you can only request CARD for runways in the database.
Schedule now has some error checking to truncate to what is expected
ATC callsign added to schedule as an option, if not entered then falls back to callsign override, if not falls back to flight number and airline
VATSIM PreFile now files the correct altitude, rather than FL without the additional zeros on it
Average Block Time, Flight Time and Fuel Burned added to Schedule Screen if data available from OOOI of all users of dispatch web.

Alternates are automatically filled in if they are in the BA RIM database

Supports PreFueling in PSX
MACTOW Updating supported in PSX
Flight Number Now in UpperCase
4 Alternates Now Added in simple flight plan creation
Ability to Override Alternates

V1.9.0 (BACARS 3.8.0 Required)
Updated to allow forcing of callsign used through user options
Other Airlines Added (VIR,UAL)


Hi Gary, thanks so much for this great add-on.  One question -- I can't seem to find any manual to read when I download and install the software?  Does a manual exist?

Gary Oliver

Sorry i messed up the manual link on the first post in this thread.  It is now correctly.


Hello Gary,
first of all thank you very much for this brilliant addon !!

I have a quick question...
I am wrong or it seem that the default MTOW is always 381017 Kg.

Could it be possible to adapt this maximum weight ?
What if I want to fly an ER version or a non ER version with a MTOW of 396890 Kg. ?

Thanks !

Gary Oliver


Ahh yes good spot.  This was setup for my Sim which is a BA Lite version without the stab tank.

I will add this to the todo list.



Quote from: Gary Oliver on Tue,  5 Jun 2018 11:57

Ahh yes good spot.  This was setup for my Sim which is a BA Lite version without the stab tank.

I will add this to the todo list.


Thank you very much !

In Simbrief, under "My Fleet" I have two "Saved Airframes" ( one 744 and one 744ER) , but not sure if and how I can use them in Simfest Dispatch Centre.

Thanks again Gary for all your stuff.
Much appreciated.