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Author Topic: WidePSX 2.5.6 : FSX, P3D and MSFS "2020" Compatible Scenery Generator  (Read 66904 times)


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To the "crash" :-)

- MFSF and PSX run on the same PC (Windows 10)
- as I wrote it happens on the approach or shortly after touchdown that MFSF has a CTD
this behavior I had the last month but always PSX was continue
- but now I had it the first time that at the same time also PSX had a CTD
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As Jeroen said, you must distinguish aircraft crash and software crash.

Aircraft crash : It is known and documented in the WidePSX user manual (always good to read) that ALL crash detections must be turned OFF. This is because when WidePSX takes control of the Scenery Generator the latter detects odd V/S and accelerations.

Software crash : By its conception it is impossible that WidePSX makes the Scenery Generator or PSX to crash. Sockets data are insulated. MSFS is known to be a very unstable software and CTDs are more than usual. If MSFS and PSX are running on the same computer, what you call a "PSX CTD" must be a consequence of the MSFS CTD).

Don't forget to check firewalls. I had some unexplained random WidePSX "crashes" some weeks ago, throwing a PSX Boost Socket exception (at the WidePSX side) with a new computer - WidePSX by design automatically closes after receiving some critical exceptions-. It took me a long time to discover that my antivirus' firewall was causing this issue. After adding a new rule for the 10748 port in my firewall I no longer had any issue.

Flight model and MSFS : The good old Project Opensky 747-400 no longer works with MSFS -without a huge FPS hit- since the UK update. It is a known issue without solution at this time. The "less bad" solution is to use the default 747-8 of MSFS which give very good results. The only things to do manually in the MSFS' default 747_8 before to connect WidePSX are :

- Turn ON EXT PWR or APU GEN or Engines to get power and radios working in MSFS (ATC)
- Turn ON the Windshield Heaters
- Turn ON the Transponder (code is automatically updated by WidePSX if the option is selected, see user manual "TrafficTcas" section)

These manual actions are necessary because it is technically impossible to synchronize this items using WidePSX because of the actual MSFS' SimConnect and flight model limitations. If these variables became available I will of course update WidePSX.

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Hello Jean-Philippe, thank you for explaining A/C variants to use within MSFS2020. The B747-8 stock model is running at my system but as told before not smooth as needed. Sorry to hear that posky model isn't an option at the moment. Either I have to wait or trim down my settings for MSFS2020. However it's a lot of fun to use both sims connected together by your software. Best regards

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Hi all,

You can improve framerates with the default Asobo 747-8i by removing the panel gauges.

This procedure removes the gauges for all liveries of the 747-8i you have installed, so do this only if you have no intention of flying the 747-8i standalone within MSFS.

Caveat: Each time there is an update to the sim affecting the 747-8i you'll need to re-edit the file below.

1. Open the panel folder within the default MSFS 747-8i folder. The location of this folder can vary depending on how you purchased MSFS (MS Store or Steam):


2. Back up the original panel.cfg somewhere safe in case you mess things up

3. Open the panel.cfg file using a text editor

4. For each gauge in the file, look for the line that starts with 'htmlgauge00=' and delete any text on that line after the '='

5. Save your edited panel.cfg & re-start MSFS

6. To reverse the process, simply restore your backed-up original panel.cfg to the folder in step 1.

In my sim I have disabled all the gauges except the transponder and COM panels.

All this is of course at your own risk but is simple enough that most will have no trouble.

Good luck!
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Thank you Steve.


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Anyone else notice the home cockpit mode?


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Wow, has that feature always been there? (I don't have MSFS 2020.)
Will /Chicago /USA

Steve Hose

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It's 'there' but doesn't do anything.




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Yeah, I just enabled that, but then it still loaded in the VC, except I just couldn't pan around or move. Useless feature for now.
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Even if the feature is not 100% implemented yet, I see this as a very good new for cockpit builders. MS/Asobo seems to take community's comments and requests into account. The latest "France/Benelux" update gives me very higher FPS and all micro stutters are gone. I think they are -finally- in the right way.

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Hello JP,

Afaik the posky models have exits for the front cargo nose. Is it possible to open all exits with WidePSX? Would love to see the nose rising after my cargolux flights:)

Thanks in advance.


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I am not sure why but since updating to P3DV5 my posky 747 has lost its landing gear.....
I am using the PSXX 747 version.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

Alex Boyd... Sydney, Australia