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747IPC Problem

Started by Adrian, Sun, 22 Aug 2010 12:43


Hi guys, I could really do with some help.  I am about to start the 744 Type Rating, and have had PS13 for years, although I never really got it to work - always had joystick problems.  

After reading about the IPC project, I was really pleased, and have installed everything on my laptop with Windows XP - PS13 installed first, then the IPC.  Except, the USB joystick still doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have gone through the windows calibration, and go into the blue SIMU pages, and notice that all the controls, except airlerons are disabled.  When i click on calibrate, full right airlerons are applied, some figures go up close to 16000 and the lower EICAS pages don't register any control inputs at all.  I've reinstalled 2 times, and nothing changes.  

I could really do with a working sim, so any help would be appreciated. Adrian

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

You miss a step, called the Joystick Mapper. The magic takes place in the PS1 outside view window, where IPC allows you to make some selections. However, there my knowledge stops. There are other people on this Forum who can help you for sure.