Precision Simulator update 10.175 (29 May 2024) is now available.
Navburo update 13 (23 November 2022) is now available.
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Pitch rate slower than real B744.

Started by Daehee, Wed, 25 Oct 2017 16:28

Hardy Heinlin

Thank you, Peter. Modified pitch rate is now available in PSX 10.7:



just tried it in my typical LPMT-LPPT "hub" and feels just Great !

Thank You !


After a few tests in the laptop install of PSX, the one I always have with me :-) and where I have to use the mouse and keyboard to manually "drive" the virtual 744, it turns out that it is simpler, easier, to follow the FD with this modification !  Great !



About trend vector what you asked, refer to as below. (around 2min, you can catch it, my friend recorded it for you on today.)

trend vector on ND, it appear when aircraft speed exceed 30 knot. also, disappear when aircraft speed below 30 knot.

Also, thank you for your 10.7 update. we had little testing it just before, at least, it better than previous version for us.
We will detail test 10.7 than reply to you.

Daehee Kim

Hardy Heinlin

Thank you, Daehee Kim & friend.

Trend vector minimum groundspeed is now 30 kt in PSX 10.8: