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Started by 80_kts, Mon, 25 Sep 2017 04:42



2 questions if I may...?

1) Is there an option to pause the sim at TOD?

2) My F5 button doesn't seem to advance the throttles? The 5 button does work to decrease thrust though.

Thank you in advance.

Hardy Heinlin


1) Not in PSX, but maybe in one of the PSX add-ons.

2) You may check if F5 is used by your OS (Windows or Apple?) and disable F5 in your OS system options.



P.S.: If you're not interested in cruise flying, you can make a direct-to to the first waypoint before the T/D on the FMC LEGS page, then go to Instructor > Situation > Time and click the "Time-jump to" button and then press "Pause". That will have the same effect, the only difference being your computer saving some energy.



Thanks for the info.

I found small function lock button on my keyboard that was causing the issue. Not sure why I didn't think of that in the first place :-(

Really enjoying the sim which I bought a couple of years ago but haven't had the time to sink my teeth in to due family commitments. I was also a user of PS1 back in the day!


Quote from: 80_kts on Mon, 25 Sep 2017 04:42
2 questions if I may...?

1) Is there an option to pause the sim at TOD?

It can be done now in CMC-PSX v1.6.

Avi Adin