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Cockpit for sale

Started by Pierre Theillere, Wed, 13 Sep 2017 07:26

Pierre Theillere

Hi all!

I have an unusual announcement! An association called "DecouvAIRte" that I'm working with, in my aviation-related teaching job, intends to sell one of their sims.
You can spot it here it's the "full size" enclosed one, not the "mini-transportable" one. It's something huge that requires a truck to be moved in one piece: it's 2.6m high, to get some scale of it.
It currently runs FSX, but it can very easily be converted to support PSX.
The sale price is 14.500€, and it's located around 40km north Paris, in a small village called Ercuit.
Contact me there if you're interested, or Jean-Michel CAPRON at to get more details!
Pierre, LFPG