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In flight Videos

Started by Adrian, Sun, 16 Jul 2017 20:30


I decided to create a YouTube channel and post some videos in flight on the aircraft.

I've only done 2 so far, but if you'd like me to do some specific vids, such as a walk around, which I was thinking of doing, then do let me know,

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Yup. I know this sight (from my 501 right seat flights). Florida ... nothing ... nothing ... nothing ... cloud ... nothing ... nothing ... nothing ...



Thanks for sharing. Interesting how the mother nature works (various systems, different types of clouds, etc.). Whenever I fly, the best IFE is a window and the World beneath it.

But the TRUE IFE is the cockpit. ;) Maybe you can share some inflight videos?  ??? ;)


Holger Wende

Great view! :D It's nice to aeras I have not seen yet from above.

I particularly recall 2 flights with great views because they were like time-lapse geography classes:

Windhoek -> Munich: Daytime flight with TUI. Afrika south-north in just a few hours, amazing. Only around equator we had clouds obscuring the great views. That was awesome and I was staring through the window until my neck got stiff  ;)

Bangkok -> Munich: Until a few years ago the Thai flight was almost entirely day-time. So many different countries and climate zones...

There are of course more flights I remember, e.g. long dawn and sunrise when flying east to west or holding pattern over Paris during night time...  :) But these were short compared to the long-haul cross-country flights.

I will look for more videos like these! Thanks for sharing.

Regards, Holger

Phil Bunch


Thanks for posting the videos - flying over the earth is surely mankind's long-standing dream.  It's no wonder that so many would like to become a pilot.
Best wishes,

Phil Bunch