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PSX Processor Cores

Started by Wessex, Wed, 17 Jun 2009 14:17


Great to hear PSX is on its way. As I am about to build a new PC, in readiness, can you advise the optimum number of processor cores to get? I intend to use Win 7.

Happy days are here again.

Hardy Heinlin

I'm developping PSX on a Mac G5, Dual Core 2.2 MHz. Monitor: 1344 x 1008. In busy moments with all flight instruments and windows in view, average fps ranges from 29 to 60 here. In normal flight situations it varies from 50 to 100 fps (or max 64 fps if it's locked due to a 64 Hz LCD monitor syncing).

If it wouldn't run well on my G5, I wouldn't accept it.



Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

You can always use that new powerhouse computer of yours to run the windshield generator, while your old Pentium runs PSX via the network  :P

Hardy Heinlin

What's an "old Pentium"?

Peter Lang

Quote from: Hardy HeinlinWhat's an "old Pentium"?

I believe that my ancient 533 Celeron with Win 98 and PS1 running will immediately retire when PSX  arrives :lol:



Many thanks Hardy and all.   I'll go for a dual or perhaps 3 core AMD. Their AM3 line looks good now and affordable. This is not viral marketing by the way.  I'll have to re-install ps1.3 to get into training. Great to be back.