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About Aviation Security Paranoia

Started by Zinger, Sun, 18 Jul 2010 19:01


Hi Shiv,
gladly, please send me an email address, you can see a link to mine in my profile.
Regards, Zinger


Try this:
Both by the same writer on a similar subject. Should be free to access.
Regards, Zinger

Shiv Mathur

Your email address still shows as 'hidden'.

Anyway, my email is :

I don't know if this will go through ... some forum software will not
allow posting of email addresses.

Btw, is my email address STILL showing as 'hidden' ?



Thanks Shiv,
I just posted above a link to the relevant document(s).
I'll also send. Your profile email shows as hidden and mine as a live link.
Regards, Zinger

Richard McDonald Woods

All I can say is 'How boring this thread has become'.
Can't we agree to end it soon?
Cheers, R
Cheers, Richard

Hardy Heinlin

Now, since everybody has voiced his opinion twice or several times, I'll close this thread before it ends in infinite repitions.

For our Muslim forum members:
Everyone is invited to this forum, regardless of the religion. This forum is international, intercultural and it's purpose is not to split, but to share common interests, in this case aviation.

Salam, Shalom, Peace, Friede,