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Which real-life 744 driver likes this?

Started by Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers, Sat, 26 Jun 2010 15:15


Hi Jeroen,

that day PSX is out, Urs will have a interface for, I´m quit sure. A EFB-system without position data makes no sense. All systems I saw in real world are switched to FMC, some with performance data as well.
And btw you know as a programmer colleaque, as a" one-man-show" he has to concentrate his abilities and I remember his (without claims!)  support work for Visual744 day & sometimes nighttime. But we were thinking occasionally about "multiinterface" capability.

Bernhard (LSZH)

John H Watson

QuoteSomeone a while ago (said) they changed a bulb in the aircraft because a gear wasn't green. Please people don't do that as this practise is unsafe and you could blow the good bulb with your oils on your hand and also illegal.

Legalities and poor maintenance practices aside...

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Bernhard: what I actually meant to ask: does this EFB from Urs need FSX as a runtime platform, or just for data feed? In other words, is it a true FSX add-on that runs only within FSX, as a panel, or is it "just a normal program" which would run perfectly well without FSX, except for some data feed?

The difference is immense.


Urs von Aesch

Hi Jeroen,

EFB is a "loosely coupled" system. It runs on every platform as long as the .net-framework (>= 3.5) is installed. The current EFB version (1.3.x) uses FSX-bgl-data for all earth-bound data like navaids, runways, frequencies. For navigation procedures (SIDs, STARs, Approaches) it uses the Navigraph AIRAC cycles. Elevation data comes from the SRTM mission which unfortunately doesn't cover the whole world (only between 60 degrees north latitude and 54 degrees south latitude. That's about 80% of all the land on the Earth).

Some weeks ago I started the development for version 2.0 which will be more open than the current version, which means it will be independent from only one certain simulator. Every simulator that allows a programmer to read earth-bound data and offers runtime data like position, altitude, speed and some more aircraft related information, can then be integrated in EFB. Of course, before a simulator can be integrated, I have to write some simulator specific code which connects to and reads from the simulator 8).

Like the current version already, also the next version is a "client/server" architecture which means that the "server" runs on the same machine like the simulator, whereas the client(s) (a.k.a. DisplayUnit(s)) can be installed on several computers within the same network.
Best regards,

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers


hmm, this sounds to me, that EFB could be a valuable and essential add on to the upcoming PSX!!

the mad hatter

Phil Bunch

Quote from: the mad hatter

look through it and you come to the boeing EFB very cute

Thanks for the link to this interesting article.

I was surprised that (as best I can follow) this EFB runs both Windows and Linux, and it was interesting that the EFB for the Pilot communicates with the EFB for the co-pilot.

Why would they want to run Windows and Linux simultaneously on something like an EFB?

Does anyone know what hardware platform it uses?  It sort of looks like an iPad but I'm sure it isn't, given its complexities and features.  

I was also surprised that they found that much free space in the cockpit to mount the thing permanently.
Best wishes,

Phil Bunch

the mad hatter

Hi Phil,

The reason why there is so much room in the Office is because that particular EFB is in the 777 and man that deck is huge, I think what we could do with the 744 is alter the side console panel to accept a 8x10 screen you could either use a touch screen with a plain bezel which would look quite smart or you could use the same size screen with a bezel that has functional push buttons either would be very cool to have and would certainly aid situation awareness.

The issue I see is getting the information into it that is both useful and real ( I can help with what it looks like and how it functions) but I can not program to save my life.

I would think that it would also be a mammoth task because in the real world they both talk to each other act independently and also if there was an "issue" then they would both revert to the same screen.

And why windows and Linux because you can watch a movie on window :-) I have no idea was just being cheeky

I w2ould think the last link would be ones bets bet no?