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PSX Visuals

Started by Will, Fri, 22 May 2009 13:12


For those who need more than dots... Is anyone thinking about compatibility with X-Plane, or is MSFS the only game in town? Also, for using MSFS, it there some sort of default understanding about the minimum number of computers are required?  Will it depend on hardware capabilities only?  I ask, because it seems like so many people are planning on using networks of PCs, that I'm wondering if it's a requirement.  Thanks.

Will /Chicago /USA

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

PSX itself will not (out of the box) support any specific visual effects generator.

The author of VisualPS1 (Garry) most likely will do the driver for MSFSX.

X-Plane is another target but I don't know of anybody who signed up yet.

The OpenSource FlightGear may be supported by Ivan.

In all cases, the visual effects generator tends to need a complete machine for itself. PSX can easily share resources but the visual systems usually cannot. So it does depend on your system and your requirements whether you can cram a visual system together with PSX. For sure you'll want two displays then.

Holger Wende

At least for online flying two displays (or more or a really big one) are probably the minimum. I do not have MSFS and my Notebook graphics adapter is not capable to handle FlightGear scenery reasonably fast. So WinTwy is my number 1 scenery generator.

I miss some feature on WinTwy (window resizing, reading new/bigger *.sct files, display more features etc.). So I started a small prototype to see whether I can do/improve something in this area, allthough Ivan is the much more experienced developer.
At least it is a challenge and fun to program a little bit again. We'll see how far I get...

Regards, Holger