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Frank Zappa Auction

Started by farrokh747, Fri, 4 Nov 2016 04:55

Hardy Heinlin

Quote from: Bluestar on Sun,  3 Sep 2023 04:18I have two guitars of note, a 1935 Martin OM that belonged to my grandfather and a '67 Telecaster with a Fender Champ amp (tubes).  I went to a Jeff Beck concert a few years back and he was using two Fender Champs.  I've got other guitars, but these are the main one's.
Back in the '60s I played and sang a lot but gave it up because I couldn't make my voice sound like Don Everly. 🤣

Jeff Beck ... great musician ... very innovative ...


Quote from: Hardy Heinlin on Sun,  3 Sep 2023 05:30Jeff Beck ... great musician ... very innovative ...

It has been fun watching Jeff reincarnate himself every few years. 🤣

I really liked his "Emotion and Commotion" and "Rock 'n' Roll Party" albums.
Grace and Peace,