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Started by emerydc8, Sun, 16 Oct 2016 08:03


I have been hesitant to post a link to my website because Peter (Britjet) did such a professional job on his videos that it set the bar very high! These aren't the same quality, but maybe you guys will gain some benefit from watching them.

Jon D.

HKG Engine Out Escape Maneuver

VNAV Guidance for 2-Engine Missed Approaches


Airway-to-Exit Point (alternate technique)

FLCH Trap (Asiana crash SFO)

Altitude Intervention

VNAV Takeoff

VOR Radial Intercepts

Noise Abatement Departure Procedures (NADP)

Takeoff Stall

Landing Stall

VNAV Approach Part 1

VNAV Approach Part 2

Speed Protection on VNAV Approaches

North Atlantic Track Course Reversal

V1 Cut Heavy Takeoff JFK

HKG Dep 07L Return 25R

Leaving North Pole - South of 88N

Speed Intervention on VNAV Descent

What Speed Will Appear in the Window?

Reference N1 Line Color Changes

Five Lines of the N1 Indicator

Manual Engine Start (CF6 Engine)

Hot Start During Manual Start (CF6 Engine)

Installing Approaches

VECTOR SID Feature/Trap


Just wow... I can't imagine how many hours you invested in this effort. Looks awesome, thanks a lot !



Thanks. By the way, the Engine Failure After Takeoff video may be a bit busy because I was doing the PNF duties as well, so there is no delineation between who is doing what. Sorry, I didn't have an FO to help me. The picture I posted on the page is what some instructors refer to as "The Dance," because it's so scripted in the sim. Actually, from the three-engine approach, you do a missed approach and then they fail a second engine at 1000' and you finish your ride with a two-engine visual approach and landing. I didn't do the missed approach because I wanted to keep it under 15 minutes. Here's the checklist I used for the Engine Severe Damage.


Dear Jon,

thanks a lot for the videos

Best Wishes

Hardy Heinlin

What a nice collection of tutorials! :-)

Thank you, Jon!

Can I move this thread to the Tutorial section?



P.S.: I have a question on "VNAV Approach Part 1" ...
As we know, when engaging VNAV -- -- the SPD bug jumps up, and you quickly reopen the MCP SPD window and turn the bug back down. To prevent this jump, is it allowed to set the A/T ARM switch to OFF before engaging VNAV, and then back to ARM after the bug is reset? Another trick which I learned from Peter is to set the FMC SEL SPD to your desired bug speed before engaging VNAV. Do some airlines not allow these tricks?


Thanks, Hardy. If you think they are worthy to post on the Tutorial page it would be an honor.

As for the VNAV question, I think Peter's technique is the one most used. In fact, I can't remember but I think I might have covered inserting the speed on the LEGS page, or VNAV page, under one of the other VNAV videos. I have never seen anyone disarming the A/T toggle switch for this, but I guess you could. I know when you hand fly in the terminal area, you can disengage the A/T at the yoke but, as you know, every time the PNF sets in a lower altitude and presses FLCH or VNAV (altitude intervenes) the A/T will re-engage. One way to stop this annoyance is to disarm them at the MCP.



Great job Jon thanks very much for your efforts!
Steve Bell
aka The CC



I shall study them in depth, and there's enough to keep me busy for quite a while!

Greatly appreciated- Ta!


PS- I've been working through these nuggets- brilliant stuff. The explanations of "why" VNAV does what I know it does has allowed me to understand rather than accept. I shall view these over and over! If you have time to discuss the fuel system in toto from Stab Full to 12T it would be great.... Ta Jon- SIMPLY FANTASTIC!
Carl Avari-Cooper, KTPA


Will /Chicago /USA


Thank you Jon nice work! I just watched the engine out vid and will be watching the rest. I like your setup. Thanks again.

Phil Bunch

Thanks for the tutorials - they complement other tutorial material very nicely!
Best wishes,

Phil Bunch


I just posted a new video based on a revision Hardy recently made regarding airway intercepts. Here's the video

And here's the situ if you want to load it up and give it a go: 

Jon D.

Hardy Heinlin

Thank you, Jon.

(I hear you now used a lot less off that denoiser tool :-) Your voice sounds very clear now.)




Thanks, Hardy. I don't know what happened to change it. I had to reload Open Broadcaster Software so maybe the default mic settings are better. I think I need a better mic. I'm using a cheap, Radio Shack tie-clip mic.


Hardy Heinlin

I think the mic is OK. In the previous videos there is a very intensive "underwater" effect. This comes from the digital denoiser, not from the mic.



Hi Jon,

thanks for sharing your knowledge!
Well done - I like it!  :D



Just added another video. This is for using VNAV/LNAV for a 2-engine approach.



Here's another short video I just did on the engine-out escape maneuver for RW07R at HKG.