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ATC logic

Started by acannata, Sun, 14 Aug 2016 18:46



Apart from pushback request to Ground, following calls from ATC are automatically generated like as in PS1 or they should be activated by means of PTT button (eg before rwy line-up or TO)?
Thank you.



• ATC dialogs are enabled when the "Talks to us" checkbox is selected. To call ATC, tune the frequency of the controller that is responsible now (indicated in green), set your ACP as required (refer to chapter Communications), then hold one of your PTT switches for a moment to simulate a call. You may say the standard ATC phrases aloud or in your head.

Start the engines, tune in ground control on the indicated frequency (on Instructor > Situation > Human > Voice-ATC) and key the mike to let them know you're ready to taxi.

See also p. 48 of the manual.
Will /Chicago /USA


Quote from: Will on Sun, 14 Aug 2016 20:06
You may say the standard ATC phrases aloud or in your head.

..... but if not aloud, you may miss the. "admiring" (or perhaps I meant to say, horrified) glances from your trolley dolly... Not to mention the fact that she will no longer feel the need to administer Thorazine to you regularly.....


Carl Avari-Cooper, KTPA


At least here in this household, saying the phrases aloud gets one sidelong glances from the significant other... He doesn't truly get the whole simming thing, but he is content to leave me to my hobby, just as long as I don't talk to myself too much... :-)
Will /Chicago /USA