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Tire pressure

Started by Will, Mon, 17 May 2010 18:08


Hi Hardy,

Will tire pressure slowly change over time?  Will random tires unexpectedly go flat?  If tires do change pressure, is the ground handling or stopping performance affected?

Will increased aerodynamic drag from accumulated bugs on the windshield affect fuel performance? (Okay, that was a joke, but it wouldn't surprise me if you've included a parasite drag factor that slowly increases over time until you select "wash airframe" on the Instructor Pages.)

Congrats on the great efforts so far.  I bet it's fun to fly around the circuit.

Will /Chicago /USA

Hardy Heinlin

Hi Will,

I think there will be at least the tire features that were included in PS1. I haven't thought about other features yet. There's no active gear system in the latest Alpha. I'll implement it later.