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PSX.NET P3D ExternalSim

Started by Mark, Fri, 17 Jun 2016 14:05

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Hmm guess hmmm.

Suppose the PSX system is able to generate so much constant data that the P3D system has trouble keeping up, and slowly but surely the data stream outruns the P3D painting process. Eventually there will be buffers that fill up, which may even stop PSX from making progress (we have seen this before). Lowering the P3D frame rate will relieve the system to catch up with the PSX data stream and stay ahead of it.



Hoppie, I don't think the P3D frame rate is the issue. Funny thing is - I can start with PSX set to 60/2 and once everything is up and running, switch back to 73 and it keeps working. Or does the FPS setting only take effect on PSX start? Also, I can stop and start the P3D ExternalSim Router and it will re-connect without problems as long as I have PSX initially set below 73.



There was a previous post that mentioned having to run PSX at 60/2 settings with PSX.Net...
I have mine set to 60/2 as it does not seem to cause any issues with clients running the LCD screens (cockpit setup)...

Alex Boyd... Sydney, Australia


Thanks, Alex. I may have switched to VisualPSX because I couldn't get it working in the past and didn't know about lowering the FPS limit, My memory isn't what it used to be.  :-[



I can empathise....


Alex Boyd... Sydney, Australia

Gary Oliver


A Hot fix to recompile with the V5 SDK and update the 'SIM ON GROUND' variable to stop Vpilot showing you zooming along the ground when you are infact airborne.


Martin Baker

Yet to have a moment to test this, Gary, but many thanks for the update. I introduced a friend to Vatsim recently and he was rather bemused to see me rotate a 747 and continue off the end of the runway in a constant tail strike!