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"window" view FSX with PSX

Started by londuncombe, Sun, 17 Apr 2016 17:28



I have three 27" monitors and, above it,  one 4K 40" monitor which I run in 2440 by 1400 mode, all powered by one GTX 980ti and an overclocked 4790K cpu.

I run 3 networked instances of PSX, one for a partial "above the windscreen" overhead, one for the lower cockpit, and one for the centre post/compass joining the two.  The partial overhead and centre post layouts are on the 40" and never change. The lower cockpit encompasses a strip along the bottom of the 40" along with all 3 27" monitors.  Except for the centerpost, I leave a blank gap equivalent to the windshield view between upper and lower.

I then run FSX with VisualPSX and resize the window to fit the gap.  Clicking on the centrepost will bring this to the fore and there it is - PSX with an FSX view from a 747 window.  Very immersive.  There seems to be no performance penalty.  All my various panel changes, with the exception of one full overhead and one breaker screen, occur in the lower 3 monitors, one of which I have positioned in portrait mode to accommodate the quadrant/radios.

I'm sure many people have done this, but I thought I would pass it on just in case.


Lon Duncombe

Ivo de Colfmaker

Hi Lon Duncombe
thank you for the tip, i tried it, but left the centerpost out, did not like it.
made 2 little clips to show how it goes.
standard situ, so no good landing in Kathmandu without hands on the  controls.
shaky camera , sorry.
A day at this forum is a day learned!

Hessel Oosten

I got, while trying to look at these video's on YouTube,  an error message on a black screen, saying:

"An error has occurred" Please try again later or "learn more".....

I tried a few fixes suggested on YouTube video's, but that didn't work.

Then I started Google Chrome and it did the job.