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Engaging FLCH on the ground

Started by Hardy Heinlin, Mon, 11 Apr 2016 11:47

Hardy Heinlin

Quote from: John H Watson on Mon,  8 Aug 2016 15:00
QuoteMaybe FLCH is different to V/S regarding the ground test? Peter tested FLCH, not V/S.

My mistake.. I thought the topic had switched to V/S.

As per the video I posted earlier (on a real aircraft), the bar does go down with FLCH on my old airline. This applies whether the MCP altitude is above or below the aircraft altitude (with airspeed zero and engines off)

It takes 2 or 3 seconds after FLCH engagement until the bar starts moving below pitch 0°. Maybe the delay is longer on the BA sim ...

(Just cosmetics anyway.)


QuoteWith hydraulics engaged, the column moved in the direction of the bar

Is this something we can look forward to in PSX, the column  and white miniature control indication moving when VS commands a dive on the ground?
Will /Chicago /USA

Hardy Heinlin

This is already modeled.

Just engage an autopilot.



Duly noted, I had't had the autopilot on before.
Will /Chicago /USA