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Started by Will, Mon, 15 Jun 2009 02:02


Both of those cookies are currently present. I deleted them and needed to log in again. The cookies reappeared, but the behavior hasn't changed (only blue buttons are visible).  The cookies do not disappear when I close the browser. Thanks for helping me troubleshoot this.

Will /Chicago /USA

Shiv Mathur

Will, by any chance are you using WebRoot Spy Sweeper ?

I read that that can cause problems like yours.

If you are using it, you might try disabling it for a while, and see if that solves the problem.



Nah, I'm using Norton Antivirus. No Webroot.  But there's yet another interesting development. (I should make a screenshot.)  Anyway, for this forum here, no big orange buttons, and no small buttons at all next to topics. However, on the main Hangar 7 forum, it's back to normal. There were big and little orange buttons, just like last Thursday.  I'm confused.  Screenies by email upon request.

Will /Chicago /USA