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FL 700 !!

Started by Shiv Mathur, Tue, 23 Feb 2010 07:12

Shiv Mathur

You can feel the excitement along with them
[size=8] (although the damn music keeps intruding and taking
your mood where it doesn't want to go -- almost like
a slap in the face). [/size]

John Davis PC

Did you realise that its James May from Top Gear ?

its from a program we had recently,  james May Goes to Space i think it was called .... he wanted to go to the edge of space.

Great Program :)

Hardy Heinlin

Have you seen that EFIS altimeter scroll window at FL700? The scrolling is a bit more jerky up there than it is at FL200. Of course, with the logarithmic pressure distribution from the ground up to space, the pressure difference of 20 feet at that height is just a tiny fraction of inches of Mercury (or inches of Freddie, as we say). That static system must have an extremely sensitive pressure sensor.

What kind of music would you have used, Shiv? I, too, found it a bit unsuitable. It sounds so sad, as if this docu was about a tragic deadly accident ... the last minutes before they died. Perhaps the producers tried to express a certain "humbleness": mankind small, planet big etc., but at the beginning of the video it makes no sense as we see people on the ground, not in space yet. And still, the "humbleness" remains rather a "sadness", in my opinion.



Shiv Mathur

That's exactly what I mean, Hardy.  You are experiencing some particular
emotions when seeing the visuals and listening to the voices, but the music
is rudely interrupting and pulling you in another diresction.

What kind of music would I have used ?  Silence !!
(with just the original voices)

I realise I'm in the minority of one, but when a visual has its own
inherent interest (eg., cheetahs stalking and on the chase) I find
music can be intrusive.


Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Surprising that the pilot wears pretty firm glasses under his helmet! I know spy plane pilots are not fighters, and this mission may have been with a test/instructor pilot, but he definitely looks like a nerd this way.

Also interesting that at FL700 and Mach 0.70, the IAS is 100 knots...


Quote from: Shiv MathurSilence !! (with just the original voices)
...or even without the original voices?