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PSXWeather v1.6 Released

Started by craig1231, Sat, 22 Aug 2015 14:49


Quote from: Hardy Heinlin on Mon,  7 Sep 2015 19:49
Do you think it's possible to add some random variations to these 5 seconds, to get a random sum of, say, 3 to 8 seconds?

Hi Hardy,

Yeh, that's do-able. Would it matter if the interval was more than 8 seconds, say 10-15 seconds instead? I'm not sure if 3-8 seconds is too frequent?



Hardy Heinlin

Yes, longer intervals might be even better.

I guess you need to test this yourself at a high climb rate (max thrust at minimum gross weight at best climb airspeed) *, and see if longer intervals can still keep track without getting noticed on the instruments.

* Or at max descent rate at idle thrust with gear down.



Stephane LI

Hello, I may have missed previous posts or topics on earlier version of PSX Weather. How does it work and interact with all the addons ?
Actually, I have PSX, Visual PSX, Traffic PSX, ASN for P3D, P3D v2.5.
Which option should be activated in each addon ? I suppose that in Visual PSX, I need to uncheck "Send PSX weather to P3D" for PSX weather to work ?
In PSX, in the Weather menu Tab, do I check the "Set zones by flight track and download METAR" ?
Do I need to load a Flight Plan in ASN P3D ?
When do I start PSX Weather addon ? After all other addons are loaded ?
My order is :
1°) ASN P3D
2°) P3D v2.5
3°) PSX
4°) Visual PSX + Traffic PSX



My personal preference for getting things started goes like this:

I have PSX on Sim PC1

I have p3D on Sim PC2

I have visualPSX, traffic PSX, ASN, PSXWeather v1.6 & vPilot with other tools for flight planning purposes like PFPX on Sim PC3.


Prefile flight on VATSIM

Start PSX on Sim PC1 - load saved scenario (always fly next leg from last saved position)

Start p3D on Sim PC2 & position at or near the PSX saved position or gate at same ARPT - any RWY will suffice.

Start visualPSX & traffic PSX on Sim PC3 (Gets PSX & p3D into the same ballpark BEFORE you go any further)

Start ASN on Sim PC3 (with p3D ASN is better started AFTER p3D is running).

Start PSXWeather v1.6 on Sim PC3 - at this stage ONLY connect to p3D.

Start vPilot on Sim PC3

Commence Preflight Procedure.  Manually enter WPT SPOT WIND/TEMP from PFPX if time permits as necessary.

Connect to VATSIM through on vPilot Sim PC3, retrieve flight plan, file flight plan & call for clearance where necessary.

After take off when climbing through FL200 connect PSX to ASN via PSXWeather v1.6.

During CRZ Manually enter/update PFPX WPT SPOT WIND/TEMP & DESCENT FORECAST WIND as necessary.

When descending through FL200 disconnect PSX from ASN via PSXWeather v1.6.

Steve Bell
aka The CC

Stephane LI

Thanks for your answer Steve. As I am using only one PC with two screens, I will try to adapt.
May I ask why you do not connect PSX Weather to PSX below FL200 ?



Quote from: calimhiro on Thu, 10 Sep 2015 06:21May I ask why you do not connect PSX Weather to PSX below FL200

We are all experiencing mixed results at lower FLs - where PSX WX METAR data (downloaded from the internet) meets ASN & ASN gradually takes over (for want of a simpler explanation).

Developments are afoot to smooth out these issues.
Steve Bell
aka The CC



If you look at the following, you can also edit the .xml to do basically the same thing.  I suppose you could use 20000, however, I have stayed with Craig's recommended 10000 and have been happy with that for now.  'Tis a work in progress.... so stay tuned :)

Best- C

Quote from: craig1231 on Sun,  6 Sep 2015 23:19
Hey guys... Im still here! Sorry its been a while... i've been concentrating on Uni work for a while. I've had a look at those logs you kindly posted, Carl. Some interesting things are happening... Its trying to inject negative values still, which I thought was fixed. I shall attempt to fix when I can, next week.  Are you able to demo the twitching in a video? With PSXWx 1.6.1 I would recommend setting the base altitude to at least 10000ft would fix some issues. Leave the max altitude at -1, for no max altitude.

Thanks for your support

Carl Avari-Cooper, KTPA

Stephane LI

Thanks for the info Craig, I will give it a try.



Will the program be available for FSX in the future?