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>TCAS OFF - message inhibit

Started by Sylle, Sat, 8 Aug 2015 14:13

John H Watson

QuoteIn this case I will link the new option not with the BA model rego check ("G-B", "G-C"). I'll link it with the check whether the IRS align timer option is installed.

Sounds like a good compromise.

IDS software has probably been updated many times since the 1998 software. PSX has standard features which would have required later software (such as the new fuel pump messages). I assume this later software has the IRS align timer logic incorporated. It's probably no longer an option (unless further steps are required to activate it, such as pin-programming).

The discovery of these service letters has opened up a can of worms. One software update (issued in 1994) supposedly eliminates the HI FLOW message for Pack 3 on the pax and combi aircraft when the lower lobe cargo air conditioning is operating. The same software update allows for a signal to be sent to the FMC when the lower lobe cargo airconditioning is activated, to update fuel predictions. Do your LH manuals mention this, Hardy?


Quote from: Hardy Heinlin on Sat,  5 Mar 2016 23:09
Peter, do you set ALT RPTG to OFF for taxi?

No, we don't touch that switch at all. It stays ON all the time.

Hardy Heinlin

1994? I have no manuals anymore of that age. I can tell for sure that pack normal flow and high flow factors are incorporated in the fuel flow model since PS version 1.0 (1997) and the FMC too takes these factors into account for performance predictions. Same in PSX. Edit: I removed the FMC link to high flow in PSX because I wasn't sure if it's correct; the high flow could be on for an hour only and the FMC would then predict it for the entire flight. Well, this is off-topic. For further questions, a new thread should be started. -- Edit 2: It is involved in PSX's FMC, but the FMC prediction assumes high flow in cruise only for the next 200 nm as part of the mixing algorithm between current EIU data and RTE data. I'll leave it as it is, because normally, high flow is off in cruise.