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Simfest UK Out of Africa

Started by Britjet, Thu, 6 Aug 2015 13:04


Thanks to everyone who provided feedback about the public PSX IP; there is clearly more debugging to be done before the next event.

Was able to connect successfully
Simfest Crew Room
Hessel Oosten

Was not able to connect successfully
Zapp (easily solved with latest nav database)
Ivo de Colfmaker

The public IP was using a read-only instance of SwitchPSX to forward data from the Sim. At this point in time, I suspect the pure 'read-only' mode as a likely cause but I don't yet understand why. (Is VisualPSX is sending variables back to PSX?)

Hardy Heinlin

Quote from: Mark(Is VisualPSX is sending variables back to PSX?)
Yes, scenery elevation.

Hardy Heinlin

Quote from: BritjetFor those interested in the more technical aspects of our recent simfestuk weekend, a few selected snippets on the Twitch TV site...

in "past broadcasts" the most recent recording (10283414) has the following..

00:50:00 U/S APU start
01:19:00 Engine Fail on Take-off from Munich
01:50:00 Second engine failure
02:25:00 2-Engines inoperative landing
03:22:00 3-engine ferry briefing
03:56:00 3-Engine ferry take-off

There are also Kai Tak approaches at the end..


Good stuff! :-)


Ivo de Colfmaker

First of all a big thank you to all of you for making this possible, enjoyed it , and very educational!
To make it clear, i could connect succsessfully, only my link to prepard3D  through VisualPSX kept reloading.
The connection with PSX went perfect!

I also noticed that after a while the videofeed hade some lag and whas a few seconds behind  what I saw  in PSX, both run on the same pc.
Nevertheless a big thank you , and how easy Hardy made it for us simple mortals to hook up on the network, a big thank you for him to!
A day at this forum is a day learned!

Hessel Oosten

Saw the video-lag here too. No real problem nevertheless.

Connection with VisualPSX here (FSX version) was OK.



Quote from: Hessel OostenSaw the video-lag here too. No real problem nevertheless.

Just to confirm, this video lag is normal and won't change.