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VisualPSX suite upgrade to v 6.5 and 7.5 released

Started by Garry Richards, Mon, 3 Aug 2015 04:27

Hardy Heinlin

PSX doesn't provide router services between add-ons.

You could try Jeroen's "PSX Router" or John's "SwitchPSX". They both are routers. Connect the router to Worldflight on port 10747. Connect PSX and your add-ons to the router on port 10748 (see Preferences).

If VisualPSX works on normal Internet sessions, but not on Worldflight, then it's probably because Worldflight's public server runs in read-only mode.

As far as I know, VisualPSX doesn't provide a read-only mode. VisualPSX injects certain data into the PSX main server. If two different VisualPSX instances inject data into PSX, you'll get lots of conflicts.

Hessel Oosten

Here FSX also reloading till infinity/ethernity ....:-).

Connected now via PSXSwitch/SimSwitch: Problem the same.

SimSwitch settings:

Name or i.p:
Server Port 10747
Listen on port: 10748
Read only is ticked.

Visual PSX settings:

PSX Main server: port 10748
PSX Boost server: port 10749

So all connections seem OK to me... (and Visual PSX thinks the same), but ... reloading etc..

If I connect PSX Boost server in the Visual PSX settings to port 10748 (SimSwitch settings unchanged), than I see scenery for the first time, but ... completely frozen.



Hi Hessel,

From what you've said, it sounds like you've confirmed that running SwitchPSX (aka SimSwitch) in read only mode locally manifests the same issues as connecting to the Simfest worldflight read only server, that's a good fact to know.

Hardy mentioned that VisualPSX sends variables back to PSX... does anyone know what these might be? I'm just wondering if I could put together a man-in-the-middle emulator that acts upon the VisualPSX variables and rewrites the variables coming from the Simfest server in such a way to stop the issues.


I don't know if it helps at all but one one occasion when I connected the simfest aircraft had the beacon OFF and it was only when they switched the beacon ON that P3D started loading terrain etc continuously.

They tried switching beacon off for me but after that but it still had the problem.


Hardy Heinlin

Hi Mark,

VisualPSX injects the Qi "Elevation", and perhaps some aircraft reposition commands. And some other variables. (I'm not a Windows user, so I'm not quite familiar with it.)



Maybe an interesting add-on, just meant for the visuals, could be a thin PSX Client.

It would connect to the Boost server only, acquire the canonical 6 dof variables and work as a plugin for either MSFS-derived or X-Plane flight simulators ( or other offers with Word coverage ... ).

It could even perform it's own FDM calculations, to think ahead and equalize the data received from the Main server with it's own aerodynamics model, as I believe Hardy once mentioned it's the case with PSX clients, but be free from any further computations that PSX clients perform allowing for the whole cockpit and systems to interact with the main server.

Should users interact with the Main server for further data exchange, such as commands sent from the client app to the server, a second client instance would be used, free of visuals...

I used a networked setup just a couple of times since I bought PSX. Yesterday was the first time I really spent some time with it.  I had a good network ( internet and local ) connection available, and multiple high performance windows 10 machines. Installed FSX SE, and PSX and used the typical setup where the main server running PSX is also the machine I use to "pilot" PSX, and a 2nd PC runs PSX in client mode, and connects to the Boost and Main servers on the main PC.

It's really not great performance-wise. I don't know if it would be smoother using XView and XP10. I was used to the "all in the same PC" solution, which I used most of the time before giving up and deciding to use PSX standalone.

The World depiction ( out of windshield and not on external voyeuristic views...)  is very important IMO for any flightsim, but it requires a smooth display. The interaction, on a single computer, between PSX and XP10 through XView was always the most acceptable solution in terms of smoothness/stutter freeness of the visuals. Both FSX and P3D were, in all of my experiences, a lot less fluid most of the time, sometimes under circumstances where fluidity is really mandatory...

I believe it results probably from the fact that both XP10 and MSFS and derivatives are heavy on themselves, and running too much stuff beyond scenery to be smooth enough to be used in combination with PSX ?

A dedicated World simulator, deprived of any aircraft systems and / or flight dynamics would probably be a best solution, and the closest I have tried was GE, which is also far from being smooth, or satisfactory in terms of what is displayed :-/


Quote from: Mark on Sun,  1 Nov 2015 23:04
Hardy mentioned that VisualPSX sends variables back to PSX... does anyone know what these might be?

Hi Mark,

i was about to connect and utilize the debug log in SwitchPSX which should provide an insight. Unfortunately my PSX shows a Fatal Damage when connecting to (either direct or via SwitchPSX)

guesswork starts here, and probably a question for Hardy:  Could it be that some remians from a simfest crash at KaiTak  :o (practice session of unknow PF/PNF after arrival from VTBS) is causing this? While obviously the local simfest Sim is running fine. Maybe a Situ Load - especially a situ saved in an older PSX version - is not sufficient to fully recover PSX from a fatal damage, but a full restart of PSX might be required? guesswork stops here


Hessel Oosten

Joerg and Mark and others,

Here on Monday morning (nov 2) the same:

When connecting with the right config as above, immediately contact BUT .... with the PSX fatal damage screen.


Hardy Heinlin

Hi Joerg,

yesterday, when I connected to the Simfest server while the Simfest sim was parked, my speed went to 600+ and I had to keep it at zero by holding the Instructor's TAS slider at zero. When the Simfest sim was moving, the problem disappeared. I guess the server didn't send all current situational data at network connection. This may be related to your observations.


Hessel Oosten

When I connected 10 minutes ago (and some other trails thereafter) they were in the air and flying.


Hessel Oosten

Hessel Oosten

May be better to continue Fatal damage communication problems etc.  in Britjet's Worldflight thread from now
and not to clutter Garry's VisualPSX thread here.



I now have TrafficPSX now connected to vpilot (1.1.5638.40065). When I change freqs in PSX the change is reflected in vpilot. However I am unsure how to connect my yoke (with the PTT switch) and headset.

The yoke and headset are currently connected to the PC running PSX, however TrafficPSX and vpilot are running on the P3D PC. I tried with TrafficProxy on the P3D PC and Vpilot on the PSX PC, I also tried the other way around ... but no luck.