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747-8 is in the air right now!

Started by masselli, Mon, 8 Feb 2010 23:05


I can't understand why they didn't wait for tomorrow, the 41st anniversary of the very first B747 flight.
Avi Adin


Here is a news story link:

I would assume they will have a video of the test flight on this link within the next few days:

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Hello All:

I was there and it was something else! The plane took off in what looked like it was airborne (in photos) by taxiway A3, and it is a 9,010 foot runway at KPAE. It just shot straight up and then leveled off and flew right over us. Very quiet, although without 2 chase planes in formation, it probably would have been quieter. The test pilots said she flew just like the 747-400, quote: "As soon as we took off" it was apparent, he said. "It just felt like I expected." They took off "at a take-off weight of 630,000 lb, of which some 130,000 lb was fuel -- well below its maximum fuel capacity and around two-thirds of its design maximum take-off weight of 975,000 lb." The pilot (Feuerstein) said "20 deg. flap was used and rotation was at "about 152 knots" with the landing made some three hours and 39 minutes later using 25 deg flap and touchdown at 151 kt." "During the flight the aircraft reached a maximum altitude of 17,000 feet and a top speed of 230 knots."

Here was my favorite part: Feuerstein said "Any 747 crew in the world could have flown the flight that Tom and I did today." PS1/PSX pilots take note.

While the flight was going on I took the factory tour and saw multiple 747s, 777s, and 787s in various stage of assembly. Truly fascinating and highly recommended for any 747 fan.

- Stekeller
KORD (temporarily KSEA)


Hi All

I dont know if you know this Boeing site: