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Started by Will, Wed, 13 Jan 2010 23:09


Will PSX come GPS equipped?
Will /Chicago /USA


GPS will be standard, Will.

There are two types on the 744. Some aircraft have GPS receivers (with their own CB's(circuit breakers) on the overhead CB panel "P7"). Other aircraft have MMR's (Multi-mode Receivers, i.e. ILS receivers which have an additional internal GPS module), with no separate GPS CB's.

Hardy may have to decide at some future point whether the two types will be selectable, but GPS must be fitted to PSX as the EGPWS (with Terrain) requires GPS... and EGPWS is currently fixed in PSX (i.e. you can't not have it).



Aha, thanks.  You guys all seem to have been working overtime on this.  I hope some magazine somewhere interviews all of you and tells the story of how the project came together.  I joined the community by coincidence almost immediately after an update (I think PS1.2) and I remember all the flurry of fun comments on the forum.  It's been great watching things evolve ever since.
Will /Chicago /USA


QuoteYou guys all seem to have been working overtime on this.

hmmm... not really, Will. System development is still in its infancy. We had photographs of the overhead CB panels on a number of different 744's and realised that there were a "few" differences.

I don't think there will be any serious issues if we model both types of GPS system... unless we run out of room on the options page :P Technically, GPS-wise, pulling the MMR CB is probably the same as pulling the GPS CB.

Please note: We don't have access to every airline/aircraft on the planet, so it will be up to PSX customers to select their options. The internet is an endless source of information, so it may not be too difficult for them to set up the aircraft in their favourite airline configs.
Also note, that due to program size/complexity limitations, in the current version, there may only be one type of control panel for each system. e.g. there will most likely only be one type of Radio Control Panel, one type of radar control panel, etc...