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Broker/Router: Key for "PS paused"?

Started by Holger Wende, Fri, 5 Jun 2009 21:33

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

Else just to a GET ALL when only IPC is connected to the Broker.

Holger Wende

Quote from: Jeroen HoppenbrouwersElse just to a GET ALL when only IPC is connected to the Broker.
Good idea  :)

Although PSX/Router will be the future, below I have listed all IPC v3.1 keys returned when "get all" is send to the Broker.
Maybe this list is helpful to someone.

But 2 keys (see button) listed in the vmread.cfg are not sent (while on the ground...) :roll:

The following IPC.* keys are sent on the network using "get all":
IPC.Dest eddf
IPC.Elev 1486
IPC.Orig eddm 0.00
IPC.baro 29820
IPC.caution 0
IPC.centerLON 12
IPC.cmd {}
IPC.dalt 1386.5
IPC.dias 0.00
IPC.elev 1486
IPC.grid 0
IPC.ias 0.00
IPC.keypress {}
IPC.lalth 0
IPC.lapp 0
IPC.latdeg 48
IPC.latmin 2140800
IPC.lflch 0
IPC.lhdgh 0
IPC.llnav 0
IPC.lloc 0
IPC.londeg 11
IPC.lonmin 4694897
IPC.lspd 0
IPC.lvnav 0
IPC.lvs 0
IPC.mag 1
IPC.mcpalt 5000
IPC.mcphdg 83
IPC.mcpim 149
IPC.mcpvs 0
IPC.pitch 0.00
IPC.poke {}
IPC.pokeN1 {}
IPC.pokeSust {}
IPC.pushsw {}
IPC.talt 1486.5
IPC.thdg 84.00
IPC.var 0
IPC.vs 0.00
IPC.warning 0
IPC.xy {48.356800354300972 11.782483066834047}

The following keys are listed in the vmread.cfg (as of today) but are not returnd using "get all".


Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

The Broker will not carry keys that have not been asked for. After you run an addon that required those two keys, GET ALL will show them.

Holger Wende

sorry for bothering with question regarding Broker although Router is the future...
But I hope my application will be running with both PS1/Broker and PSX/Router.

When flying north e.g. from any location starting at the latitude N4958.0 heading north the key "IPC.latdeg" does not seem to be updated - or I somehow missed it while listening on the network.

While test-flying I logged the following Broker messages:

Connected to 747 Broker 1.7.1
data ver 130 las n los e IPC.thdg 0.00 IPC.talt 12988.0 IPC.lspd 0 IPC.var 0 IPC.ias 310.86 IPC.latdeg 49 IPC.latmin 5600120 IPC.londeg 10 IPC.lonmin 5599987
data IPC.latmin 5995491 IPC.lonmin 5635693
data IPC.latmin 5997711 IPC.lonmin 5635913 IPC.ias 311.62
data IPC.latmin 5999931 IPC.lonmin 5636132 IPC.talt 12987.9
==> Next: I had expected to also receive IPC.latdeg 50
data IPC.latmin 1602 IPC.lonmin 5636291 IPC.ias 311.60
data IPC.latmin 3822 IPC.lonmin 5636511 IPC.talt 12988.3 IPC.ias 311.59

So I tried the same thing but fying west and logged the Broker messages...

data IPC.latmin 3431030 IPC.lonmin 3424 IPC.thdg 269.97
data IPC.latmin 3430915 IPC.lonmin 42 IPC.thdg 269.99
==> Next: IPC.londeg update missing in next msg.
data IPC.latmin 3430824 IPC.lonmin 5996453 IPC.thdg 270.01
data IPC.latmin 3430732 IPC.lonmin 5993756

I observe exactly the same behaviour when I request notification for the 'native' keys 'lad', 'lon' together with 'lam', 'lom' etc.
Everything is updated regularly, but the degree values are lost/skipped.

Now my question:
Is this a result of my lack of programming knowlegde or understanding the system?
Or did all others quietly implement a nice workaround to detect the degree-update?

This however should not be severe problem, I might use e.g. IPC.xy instead or any other workaround :)  
But I am just curious whether this is just my fault :oops:
Then I'll have to debug a little more...

Thanks and regards, Holger

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers


I've absolutely no idea what happens here... needs investigation.

Holger Wende

I have some indications now, that my code is not optimal w.r.t. message handling. Therefore there are chances, that I might miss messages, if they arrive within a very short time frame.
So please do not invest any effort here. After my vacation I will update my code accordingly (i.e. after Aug 17th).

Sorry if I have caused extra effort or confusion.
I will update this thread when I have new facts.

So long, Holger

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

That's ok. I should have everything I need with me on vacation (starting this Sunday)   :mrgreen:

Holger Wende

Hi Jeroen,

Good news, the problem was caused on my side - of course. Silly error  :oops:
Enjoy your vacation, I just returned from Istanbul a few hours ago...

Regards, Holger