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Explosives aboard NW253

Started by Zinger, Wed, 30 Dec 2009 18:58


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Reasonably well-informed article about (airplane) security:
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While the writer covered some important issues, he is no security expert. Some major points were missed and others presented opposite to what experts believe.

Security is the single most dominant factor about our lives, those who think otherwise either live on Mars or are hibernating. Terror is neither rare nor act of the few. Terror is an arm of the many, poised as peaceloving civilians, women and children. Once these points are understood, prevention can start. Most are reluctant, mainly due to fear, to admit this. The difference among people is the price they will have to pay before realizing.

After the Pearl Harbor attack, the USA detained in camps all Japanese origins, be they second generation citizens, high ranking officials with security clearance, or simple housewives. As harsh as it was, it also was the only effective step to mitigate the threat. One point here is that it cost 2,800 USN lives and the Pacific fleet drowned for leadership and society to take such strong measure.

Passenger screening as discussed in the media is off base, no correct concept is included in the article, maybe for the better.

Terrorists shouldn't get Geneva Convention rights or due legal process. They come to deface your culture and heritage in the most brutal way. The proper process is field trial and firing squad. Think otherwise, expect your culture to be discontinued, they know what they are doing, and generally do it well.

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Regards, Zinger