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Navburo update 13 (23 November 2022) is now available.
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New add-on: Central Maintenance Computer for PSX (CMC-PSX) v1.12

Started by Avi, Tue, 20 Jan 2015 14:59


Good news Jack.

I succeeded to download all 3 files (zip, jar & pdf) on my mom computer (entered as a guest, didn't recognized me as an owner).

Alex, do you still have a problem?

Avi Adin


Hi Avi,
Looks like an internet issue as I now have all files.... It was very slow to respond but several sites were today so maybe a DoS attack somewhere....

Alex Boyd... Sydney, Australia



I'm releasing version V1.12 of CMC-PSX.
First of all, the "silly" things in the new version:

• Optional connection to the Router canceled due to Jeroen's decision not to support it anymore.
• Packs in High Flow (can be seen in the Input Monitoring function and the ECS report) when (new conditions) vertical speed < -400 fpm, any recirculation fan is off (switch or power is off), PTCs off or cargo fire conditions exist.
• Ground Tests, MCP test: when not LCD MCP, there is a delay during FCC auto set (mechanical move).
• CMC-PSX now clears any color setting from the FMC (or from PSX).

Now the important stuff:
• A Snake game was implemented. To start, type SNAKE into the scratch pad (no matter which page in CMC-PSX is displayed), or, for the lazy ones (I mean myself) just S and press EXEC. Use keys 2, 4, 6 & 8 to control the direction. Pressing EXEC (even in the middle of the game, not only after a failure), will start a new one. Press CLR to end the game and return to the previous page. The game starts with a 500ms delay between moves and accelerates by 10ms with every piece up to length 30 and 5ms above. Length record is saved in the ini file.
Inspired by Steve Browny from this thread

To install the new version just download the new version (jar file) and override the old one.

Avi Adin