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New add-on: Central Maintenance Computer for PSX (CMC-PSX) v1.12

Started by Avi, Tue, 20 Jan 2015 14:59


**************** Latest version ****************
CMC-PSX v1.0.1 full package (Mar 7 2015)
CMC-PSX v1.12 jar file (Oct 7 2022).
Latest CMC-PSX User Guide v1.0.1 pdf file (Mar 7 2015)

New users need to download first the full package and install it.
Users (new (after installed the full package) and veteran) who use PSX 10.1.0 and above need only to download the CMC-PSX v1.12 jar file and override the old one.

Hi all,

After over a year of hard work I'm happy to announce a new add-on: Central Maintenance Computer for Precision Simulator 10 (CMC-PSX).

Since each CMCS is an aircraft specific, and since there are many variations of systems (and hence many variations of CMCSs), and since I didn't have manuals that cover all aspects of the real CMCS, this add-on is defined as "Concept Demonstrator" and not a 100% replica of a certain version of a real CMCS.

CMC-PSX implements:
• Present Leg Faults
• Confidence Tests
• EICAS Maint Pages (partially implemented, there are no maintenance display in the lower EICAS but there are reports to simulate it)
• Ground Tests (some tests simplified)
• Existing Faults
• Fault History
• Other functions (partially implemented)

CMC-PSX has one more function which is not part of the real CMC. CMC-PSX allows viewing switches and lights with blown bulbs in them and a list of pulled circuit breakers. CMC-PSX also overrides PSX simplification when blowing a bulb inside PSX to ensure when blowing a bulb within PSX, you will be able to see it.

For more information please read the user guide.
Also, please read the Installation and Initialization page (P. 4) in the manual before starting CMC-PSX for the first time.

I want to thank Hardy for PSX, for inviting me to be part of the Alpha team and to all the Alpha and Beta team members for testing this add-on.

Edit 7/10/22; new in V1.12:
A Snake game was implemented. To start, type SNAKE into the scratch pad (no matter which page in CMC-PSX is displayed), or, for the lazy ones (I mean myself) just S and press EXEC. Use keys 2, 4, 6 & 8 to control the direction. Pressing EXEC (even in the middle of the game, not only after a failure), will start a new one. Press CLR to end the game and return to the previous page. The game starts with a 500ms delay between moves and accelerates by 10ms with every piece up to length 30 and 5ms above. Length record is saved in the ini file.
Inspired by Steve Browny from this thread.

Have fun,
Avi Adin


Wow! Avi thank you very much for a great tool!

Another manual to read, another universe to explore!  :mrgreen:


Robert Staudinger

Hi Avi,

thanks for your add-on. It works like a charm and my print-shop is happy.

Regards Robert

Hardy Heinlin

Thanks again, Avi, for this huge contribution!

This is one of that kind of programs that appear in form of "text" on a screen, not showing how much work it actually takes to make that "text" alive. I hope the users of this add-on will be aware that the many CMC pages and functions on the visible surface are just the "tip of the iceberg". This add-on is a very big program.

I just added it at



Hessel Oosten


Unbelievable  !!!

It seems that the well known "piece of art" here...,
gave birth to a baby...,
which inherited completely her "piece of art" properties !!!

Thanks (a lot) !


Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers


Hessel Oosten

QuoteHey it's just a simple
Hey Jeroen,

If it's soooo easy...
make another one please...,
with a birthday-calendar (the forum members) ... :)



A huge thanks !
The dedication and talent of some people here keeps amazing me !
Great work, up and running in 2 minutes !



Thanks guys,

Just to let you know: there are 667 different CDU pages in CMC-PSX (410 of them in the Ground Tests alone) and not less than 603 PSX variables are used by CMC-PSX :D

Avi Adin


Avi! If you and Hardy are ever in the same room at the same time, the floor might require some re-enforcement to support the combined weight of your brains!

An outstanding contribution to the PSX community. Toda raba!

Phil Bunch

This is all very improbable!  

1,  We have about 9 billion people in the world.

2,  Hardy and his work are unique within this 9 billion person sample.  

3.  Therefore, Avi and his CMC cannot possibly exist at the same time as PSX!!  The improbability factor and the improbability principle won't allow it!!

(insert friendly grins here)

The improbability principle of course applies to ALL the PSX add-ons, not just the newest's quite amazing how many exceptionally talented aviation software developers participate actively in this very specialized hobby/profession.
Best wishes,

Phil Bunch


Hi all,

I'm releasing CMC-PSX v1.0.1.

Thanks to Hardy and PSX version 10.0.2 (the implementation of the "demand" command) I can now improve few maintenance reports.

In this version of CMC-PSX the Flight Control report displays real PSX flight controls deflections (and not assume values), the (engines) Performance report displays real PSX engine numbers (and it is now available at any time, not only when all engines are out) and the APU report displays real PSX (N1, N2, EGT and OIL QTY) values and some other values that are based on these values (however some values are still static).

In this version I also made a small modification to the engines Input Monitoring function (approach idle bit) to agree with Hardy's modification in PSX version 10.0.3 (item 36 in B10).

If you already downloaded the full CMC-PSX package you don't need to do it again.
All you need is to download the CMC-PSX Jar file and override the old one.

You can also download the new version of the manual but it is not necessary (there are minor changes in pages 40, 45 and 47 and that's it).

Enjoy yourself.
Avi Adin


Sorry for this possibly silly question but I cant figure out how to download the file. Ist on Googledrive but does not let me 'save as' on my PC.

Thanks so much .



Simply press on the link with your mouse left button, and then press "Download" (don't use the right button and "save as...").

Avi Adin


Hi everyone,

I've tried to setup the CMC as described in the manual but all I get is:

Connecting PSX...
Connection failed, another attempt in 5 sec
Connection failed, another attempt in 5 sec
Connection failed, another attempt in 5 sec

I've amended the .ini to the correct PSX folder on my PC. What am I missing?  :D



Hello ?

I just rechecked for you and I am able to connect.  My CMC files are on a SECONDARY support PC that is networked with the primary PC with Server and Boost Server connections.

Just checking, did you select the tick box in the CMC window?  Do you have good connections with other addons?  Is your IP configured correctly- PREFERENCES/Basics shows the main sim IP.....

Best- C
Carl Avari-Cooper, KTPA


Hi frogone,

Did you start the PSX Server?

Some more information:
PSX_PATH in the ini file has nothing to do with CMC-PSX start (it needed to play some PSX wav files during some Ground Tests).

If you run CMC-PSX on the same computer as PSX it should connect with no problems at all. If you run CMC-PSX on different computer then you need to modify the IP address in the ini file (don't change the PORT number).

You get the above message when CMC-PSX can't find PSX which means PSX server is OFF or the IP/PORT in the ini file are wrong.


P.S. To find how to start PSX server read page 70 in the PSX manual.
To find your PSX's computer IP address read page 86 in the PSX manual.
Avi Adin


Thank you guys, I managed to get it working. I hadn't started the PSX Server I had no need to up until now!  :oops:

It's a very good CMC too!