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First landing on comet today

Started by Hardy Heinlin, Wed, 12 Nov 2014 04:35

Hessel Oosten

Quote"You can jump into space off that rock!"


You are going definitely toooo often, to the Disney parks, with your daughter.... :D



I've been following with great interest. Congrats to the ESA and all involved for what's already been accomplished. Hopefully they'll get plenty of good science out of the mission.

NPR reported today that the lander landed in a crevasse after it came back from the bounce, is on its side, and may only get 2 hours of sunshine per day instead of the expected 6-7.
Will /Chicago /USA


Batteries went flat last night, but (which pleases me no end):

"In that time, the lander returned all of its housekeeping data, as well as science data from the targeted instruments, including ROLIS, COSAC, Ptolemy, SD2 and CONSERT. This completed the measurements planned for the final block of experiments on the surface. " (ESA)

Without that, it would perhaps have been somewhat sad, but as it is, one can only call it a splendid success, never mind the "surprises". After all, the thing could e.g. have drifted off into space again after the initial bounce.
(And who knows, the lander may even wake up again when reaching sunnier realms...)


Shiv Mathur