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VisualPSX Suite build 5427 uploaded

Started by Garry Richards, Mon, 10 Nov 2014 05:13


Hi Garry,

seems as VisualPSX 5.8 beta 2 introduced some odd behavior regarding the rotation around the Pitch Axes.
I just compared V5.7 with 5.8b2 using the basic cleared for takeoff situ that ships with PSX. While 5.7 works well (i.e. the horizon will slowly move below the glareshield & out of sight after takeoff)  in 5.8b2 the pitch of FSX Aircaft and PSX comes out of sync shortly after liftoff. The pitch of the FSX Aircraft is much lower,, horizon and terrain staying well visible in front, giving the odd feeling of sitting in a vertical lift rather then an aircraft cockpit.
I used default FSX 747 with PSX 10.0.1. Win 7 with German localization.
Maybe others can confirm this?



Quote from: joergalvseems as VisualPSX 5.8 beta 2 introduced some odd behavior regarding the rotation around the Pitch Axes.

I need to correct my statement. This behavior has nothing to do with versions..
I could reproduce this, and other issues, with V5.7 also...
Both versions behaved differently because the visualpsx.cfg for both was different.

The way i solved this for me:
Using the same IP-Adress for Main + Boost in visualpsx.cfg.
With 1 PSX instance on machine, acting as Main + Boost I either have to use for Main-IP AND Boost-IP, or for Main-IP AND Boost-IP.  Mixing and introduced problems, though pointing to the same PSX Instance. Strange.
Pointing both to the same IP-Address solved also my issue where i was not able to apply the Departure RWY Offset Procedure as described in the manual on page 13. I followed the procedure again and again to no avail. I could lock the FSX Position and PSX moved to the Departure RWY but was stuck there. It never repositioned back to the locked FSX position. Now it works.
Wondering whether anyone is running separate PSX instances for Main + Boost without issues..

Best regards

Garry Richards

Hi Joerg,

Glad you have solved the problem. Apparently bypasses some of the networking pathways so if you have mixed addresses the data flow is no longer synchronised. Not something that is immediately obvious.




Hi Garry,

Wanted to say that everything is working perfectely fine here since your latest release. Thank you so much for your great job!


Stephane LI

Hello, with the latest build and P3DV2.4, I am trying to set the departure runway offset as per explained in the manual. But each time, P3D CTD with an error with MSVCR100.dll.
I tried this at EPWA rwy 15 on my worldflight 2014 tour.
Any idea ?

In fact, as soon as I change the aircraft position in PSX, P3D is crashing when it reloads the scenery.


EDIT : Okay, I have installed the latest version of FSUIPC in P3D, and I don't have CTD anymore.

But I have another question now. I have run runwayPSX with the path to my P3D installation. The runway file has been created and it's located in the VisualPSX directory.
When I try to set the departure runway offset, VisualPSX gives the following message :
"No matching FSX runway found"

EDIT 2 : Okay. I have been able to create the offset by clicking twice on the runway ID when the aircraft is locked.
Back to my first problem, bad luck, I was in flight and I had again the P3D CTD with MSVCR100.dll error.
Thus, it's impossible for me to fly online as it also crashed IVAP