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not a c++ ?

Started by aditall, Wed, 25 Nov 2009 06:15


i'm suprised :shock   my lectuer in the university  suprised to hear taht java  is the the program for a massive sim like 747  :shock:  :shock:  :shock:

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

People keep thinking "speed" when they hear the word "simulator." They should think "complexity". Java is very good for building complex systems, better than C++, as it lets you abstract further away from the computer and focus on the simulation.

Only when raw performance becomes an issue (generating a planet view out of the window), Java probably would not cut it.

A 747 sim is not more complex or massive than a 737 sim or a Learjet sim. The number of systems is higher but four hydraulics is not twice as complex as two. And the aerodynamics are quite the same.

trying to find out whether Java can be DO-178B-certified

[edit] Answering my own question: it can, but the problem is not Java, the problem is the Java programmer. With Java being so popular, there are lots of application programmers that have been trained to get results by any means, not by safe means. Safe programming requires a different mind set. "Enterprise programmers" usually do not have this mind set, irrespective of the language they use.

Hardy Heinlin

Your lecturer should learn Java.

I, too, was surprised that it works. It's fantastic.