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Compatible Interfacing

Started by willfurze, Fri, 20 Nov 2009 09:01


Hi all, appologies if this has been asked before but despite searching, I am still unclear.
I have PS1.3 although I have never really looked into interfacing until recently. I will without doubt purchase PSX but really want to start building now after years of watching the various forums.
My question is: Is there any indication of what hardware interfacing will work for PSX and would this be in any way compatible with PS1.3 in the meantime?
Any help would be truly appreciated!

Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

The simple answer is that there will be no compatibility between PS1 and PSX.

PS1, in a sense, was only compatible with standard analog joysticks, a keyboard, a mouse, and the Aerosoft Australia MCP/EFIS/EICAS combo. Everything else was hacked on top of it using various mechanisms.

PSX likely will support USB joysticks, mouse, and keyboard (and touch screen when done by the OS). However it is being designed with hardware interfacing in mind. There is one common thin simple standard interface into everything that hardware would want to control or look at, and this interface can be used by every programming language I know of. It is based on TCP sockets and ASCII streams, so really simple.

Now, PS1+Broker and PSX share much of the same network philosophy, so if you build your own hardware drivers that talk socket, it should be relatively straightforward to port them from PS1 to PSX.

Several hardware vendors have indicated their interest in developing the base driver for PSX. On top of this (thin) layer of standard software, the rest is plain configuration. Number --> number.



Hi Jeroen, fantastic - thanks for the super fast reply!